Certification at the RWTH International Academy

As a state approved educational institution, RWTH Aachen does not only award classic university certificates, but also university certificates as a part of career development.

The RWTH Aachen University offers programs that encourages further improvement of one’s skills, regardless of their previous experience, education, and career goals.

Courses, Lectures, and Seminars undergo a quality assurance process to ensure that the academic quality standard is upheld. This process is carried out by the RWTH International Academy, which officially offers further educational programs at the RWTH Aachen University. The quality management system of the International Academy is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and AZAV.

Since 2019, the International Academy has been successfully certified by the ASIIN Consult System.

This guarantees strict compliance with quality standards that are nationally and internationally recognized for all academic continuing educational programs. For many years, the RWTH International Academy has been an active member of the quality association for professional training of the IHK Aachen.

RWTH Certificates

The certification confirms that the offered courses, lectures, and seminars meet the general quality standards of RWTH Aachen University.

In order to prove the uniform quality standard, each certificate is stamped with the university seal.

The RWTH International Academy gGmbH, as the institution responsible for further educational programs, is solely responsible for awarding the official certificate and authorizing these programs.

Your Benefits

  • The certification confirms to you and your peers that the offered academic training event meets the general quality standards of RWTH Aachen University.
  • The uniform quality standard, which is ensured by the seal stamp, which is manually added as visible evidence on every certificate.
  • The exclusive award of the university's official further education certificate by the RWTH International Academy as proof of education.
  • Possibility of crediting the achievements made towards a subsequent university degree by means of a recommendation and labeling stating the Europe-wide instrument "European Credit Transfer Systems" (ECTS) for transferring and accumulating study achievements.

Please check here which criteria must be met in order to be able to award the official RWTH certificate for academic further education.

Quality criteria for certification

The prerequisites for higher education are secured by the state educational mandate. As the recipient of the KMK's “Excellent Teaching” award, RWTH sets particularly high standards for its academic training.

In order to meet this qualitative standard, all training courses for which the official RWTH Aachen certificate is awarded must be certified by the International Academy gGmbH.

We are happy to provide you with extensive information on the possibilities of digitally mapping your courses and support you in transferring the quality guidelines to your online course.

Your way to a certificate with us - The quality report

Continuing educational courses (certificate courses) that conclude with the award of an official certificate from RWTH Aachen University undergo a quality assurance process via the RWTH International Academy, the official further education provider of RWTH Aachen University, to ensure academic quality standards.

Stage 1:
Each certificate course is evaluated and assessed based on a quality report from the institution offering the course (chair, institute, etc.). The report consists of information on the subject-specific concept, the course composition, the targeted qualification level, the resources used and finally the assessment and evaluation of relevant documents, e.g. course content, evaluation sheets and test examples.

Stage 2:
Upon successful certification, you are immediately entitled to award the RWTH certificates to the graduates of your further education course and to benefit from the advantages of university certification in the field of academic further education.

The RWTH Aachen certificate includes the following information and characteristics:

  • Course title
  • Name of the scientific director and the main lecturer
  • Participant’s name
  • Credit points
  • Qualification level
  • Number of certificate and water mark
  • Confirmation of the passed examination (and grade)
  • ECTS grading scale
  • Grade based on the ECTS grading scale (if required)

Certificates may have a supplement containing the following:

  • Module description and content
  • Detailed description of competency-based learning objectives

For further quality assurance we recommend certification by an independent external certification body (ASIIN Consult, FIBAA Consult) or by an independent or professional organization.

Certification confirms the attainability of the defined requirements, the specified educational objectives and the targeted qualification profile in terms of the resources used.

RWTH Aachen University's academic certificate courses are compatible with a wide variety of living situations and individual educational and career goals, thus allowing for different educational biographies in the context of lifelong learning.

If you are looking for a flexible and professional partner to develop a further education program for the RWTH Aachen University, please do not hesitate to contact us: Qualitaet@academy.rwth-aachen.de

Registration and cost of certification


To register an already certified continuing education course, please use the document Application for Certificate Creation and send it filled out and signed (gladly also as a scan via e-mail) to the certification team of the International Academy.


The costs per certification amount to 3,000 € plus VAT independent of the number of participants.

For RWTH certificates of participation, a nominal fee of 50 € plus VAT will be charged per event (max. 25 participants). If there are more than 25 participants per event, we will charge another 50 € plus VAT for each additional 25 participants.

We Look Forward to Advising You

Sandra Strang

Debora Greis M.A.