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We are delighted about your decision to become a student at RWTH Aachen University. Look forward to a competence, research and practice-oriented Master’s program at one of the world's leading technical universities and become a highly qualified graduate, best prepared for leading positions in science, society and business.

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Get qualified for your Master’s program

We want you to be successful! RWTH Aachen University is one of Germany’s universities of excellence, top-ranked in the field of engineering and technology and one of Europe’s leading science and research institutions. Our Master’s programs therefore require a profound, subject-specific undergraduate education as well as in-depth knowledge of advanced and specialized technical knowledge.

To help international students fill possible academic knowledge gaps and thus meet the high standards of RWTH Aachen University, we have developed several qualification programs*:

RWTH German Engineering College (for M.Sc.)

Master’s College European Studies (for MPA)

*These qualification programs are not mandatory for admission, but strongly recommended. Please note that without them, only a conditional admission is very likely. To clear possible conditional admission requirements, we offer our Master’s Prep Courses.

All graduates of our German Engineering College do not need to submit a GRE certificate for their Master's application!

All programs will prepare you in an optimal way for your desired study program before your actual application. They will enable you to:

  • fulfill the specific academic admission requirements for your application
  • gain priority admission at RWTH Aachen University
  • get to know the professors of your future study place and gain insight into their teaching standard

We look forward to welcoming students of all nationalities to our qualification programs! However, for students from China, India and Latin America, we provide exclusive access, special support and individual consultation through our Academy Offices on site.

How to apply

Our application process runs completely digital via the portal RWTHonline, with no application fee.

Application Period

  • Non-EU applicants: December 4 to March 1
    (Applicant who have citizenship of a country outside EU/EEA)
  • EU applicants: December 4 to July 15 (Applicants who either have citizenship of an EU/EEA country, are currently enrolled at RWTH Aachen or hold a German university degree)

Special Offer:

Apply by January 15 (Non-EU) / April 15 (EU) to benefit from an 10 % Early Bird Discount on the tuition fees!

Need help with the application process? Watch our “how to apply-video” or download the step-by-step guide.

Academic requirements

Before starting your application make sure to thoroughly read the academic requirements of the respective Master’s program and check whether your current academics actually matches your desired program:

Application Documents

The following documents must be submitted with your application. Please note: If your documents were not issued in German or English, you must have them translated into either German or English by a certified translator. These copies do not have to be notarized.

Mandatory Documents

GRE or GEC (except for the MPA & RCE)

Proof of professional experience of at least 6 months

University Transcripts of Records

Course description / Module handbook


Additional Documents

Motivation letter

Two letters of recommendation

English language certificate

Final Bachelor’s degree certificate

Please note that we cannot process your application if one of the mandatory application documents is missing. This includes in particular a valid GRE certificate (except for the RCE and MPA) and sufficient proof of at least 6 months work experience. In addition, an English language certificate is required for enrolment at the latest.

Is a conditional admission without GRE possible?

Which experience counts as work experience?

Are there exemptions from the English language certificate?

Fees & Expenses

Apply by January 15 (Non-EU) / April 15 (EU) to benefit from an 10 % Early Bird Discount on the tuition fees!

  • Tuition fees M.Sc.: 24,000 € (4 semester standard course duration)
  • Tuition fees MPA: 18,000 € (3 semester standard course duration)
  • RWTH University’s semester fees*: approx. 300 € per semester

* The RWTH University’s semester fee is a student body and social contribution fee that every student must pay each semester in order to stay enrolled as an active student.

In addition to tuition and semester fees, you must also consider the monthly cost of living in Germany when budgeting your study expenses. You should calculate with about 900€-1,000€ in monthly fixed costs.

Need help financing your studies at RWTH Aachen University? Take a look at the scholarships RWTH International Academy does offer for international applicants.

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Application Process

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Any further questions?

We will be happy to answer your questions about the curriculum, our admission requirements, our scholarship opportunities, and whatever else is on your mind. Just write us an e-mail and we will get in touch with you.

Book a digital one-on-one appointment

If you wish to speak to us in person, you can book a digital one-on-one appointment with our Student Advisor Johanna, who will answer your questions and guide you with your application.

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