Government support for Continuing Education

Continuing professional development is becoming increasingly essential for employees in all industries - especially due to structural change and digitization. That's why the state offers various ways of supporting participation in suitable training courses - financially or through educational leave.

Financial Suppport

You can have the costs of further education subsidized by the state. Throughout Germany, you can take advantage of the education bonus. Depending on the federal state, there are also various other subsidy models, depending on where you live or work.

Education Premium

The education premium offers two options for support:

  • Premium voucher: 50% of vocational training costs, up to € 500
  • Savings voucher: early access to savings credits under the Capital Formation Act without loss of employee savings allowance

You can benefit from the education premium if you are employed for at least 15 hours per week and have a maximum annual taxable income of € 20,000.

Promotion of the Federal States

Individual states provide various additional financial subsidies, e.g.:

Course Implementation Continuing education course RWTH International Academy

Example: Bildungsscheck NRW

The individuelle Bildungsscheck promotes participation in continuing vocational education for individuals residing in NRW:

  • 50% of professional development costs, up to 500€.
  • Subsidized training formats: Classroom courses, blended learning, on-the-job training through in-house training.
  • Applicable, for example, to our in-service training courses in the areas of production technology, quality management, robotics and engineering

The betriebliche Bildungsscheck supports companies with a place of work in North Rhine-Westphalia:

  • Companies with up to 250 employees
  • Up to 10 training vouchers per year
  • Specially tailored training measures (e.g. in-house training) are also subsidized

Time for your Further Education

If you want to continue your education without giving up part of your vacation, you can apply for Bildungsurlaub.

  • Up to 5 days per year
  • From a period of employment of at least 6 months
  • From a company size of 10 employees

RWTH International Academy is recognized in NRW as a provider of Bildungsurlaub. So you can benefit twice by combining educational leave with financial support.

Making the most of your company: Potential Consulting NRW

You want to lead your company into the future and need individual coaching? We support you in the context of a custom-fit potential consulting on questions around the topics of production technology, quality management, robotics and engineering. This is also eligible for support from the Potential Consulting NRW:

  • 1 to 10 consulting days
  • 50% of the daily rate up to 500 €/day
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises

Further Certificate Courses, Seminars & Workshops

Which courses are eligible?

We offer a variety of certificate courses, seminars & workshops in different subject areas for which you can use your education funding - e.g. technology management, quality management, electrification & mobility or robotics & industry 4.0.
Take advantage of the government support and book your continuing education now! The pages of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research inform you here about your options for Germany-wide education funding and education bonuses.


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Laura Noske