RWTH Certificate Courses of the RWTH International Academy

Practical - Future-oriented - Personal

Today's increasingly complex and fast-moving working world requires constant qualification and lifelong learning. This is where our certificate courses come in, offering you flexible, high-level continuing education and the knowledge you need for your current and future professional success.

Our certificate courses are characterized primarily by the following factors:

  • All content is scientifically based and up to date with the latest technical and scientific developments.
  • Strong application orientation through case studies, practical projects, company visits, etc.
  • High level of practical exchange between lecturers and participants as well as networking among participants.
  • Official RWTH Aachen Executive Certificate

With us you have the choice between seminars & workshops / certificate courses and thus the choice between basic and advanced courses, which allow you to either acquire basic knowledge or to specialize your knowledge in selected topics.

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  • Online RWTH Business School

Focus Area Technology Management

This topic area revolves around new business models, corporate culture that promotes innovation, and sustainable economic development. You will learn to develop a consistent strategy and identify new technologies. You will also learn to develop these technologies in a targeted manner and to implement innovative business models and products individually.

Focus Area Quality Management

The trainers employed at the Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management of the Machine Tool Laboratory WZL at RWTH Aachen University are qualified Six Sigma Black Belts. They will teach you the philosophy as well as the tools needed to implement sustainable quality management. The acquired knowledge is deepened by means of practice-oriented individual and group exercises.

Focus Area Environment & Sustainability

One thing is certain: If we as a society do not change our production and our way of life, we will encounter major problems. Our certificate courses, seminars and also webinars deal with different aspects of environment & sustainability, e.g. life cycle assessment, social LCA or also production-oriented with Green Growth.

Focus Area Robotics & Industry 4.0

The rise of collaborative robots is making it possible to automate monotonous tasks. In addition to large production facilities, this also puts SMEs in a position to relieve employees and increase their added value. With the help of our courses, you will gain the knowledge to understand, classify and successfully apply the technological foundations for digital transformation.

Focus Area Electrification & Mobility

Increased climate protection, stricter emission regulations and a change in software and electronics development have caused the sales figures of e-cars to rise rapidly - a worldwide increase of 39% from 2019 to 2020 alone. In cooperation with the ika, ISEA and PEM institutes, for example, we can provide a broad portfolio of knowledge about motor vehicles and batteries.