• ROS Skill-Building course as part of our Career Service

    Providing our M.Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering students with real-world ROS experience.

  • Alumnus Abdel shares his journey as an M.Sc. MME-CAME student

    Get to know firsthand why he studied M.Sc. MME-CAME and what advice he has for future students

  • Networking Brunch 2023

    Expanding networks and growing careers: Looking back at our Networking Brunch 2023

  • Exciting news for all prospective students

    RWTH German Engineering College as a substitute for the GRE // applies to all programs in Engineering

Scholarship opportunities for our enrolled students at RWTH International Academy

Until November 30, our enrolled master's students have the chance to apply for three different scholarships.

Best of Class Award
The Best of Class Award was established to honor talented students with outstanding achievements, who are enrolled in one of our Master’s degree programs.

Social Responsibility Award
The Social Responsibility Award recognizes deserving students who demonstrate their awareness and responsibility to our society and environment through regular community or creative involvement.

Student Project Grant
With this Student Project Grant, we support students who wish to pursue field research, extracurricular research work, or project work during their studies.

Detailed regulations, information on which master's degree programs are eligible for funding and the application forms can be found here:

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