More than 200 new students in this year's RWTH German Engineering College

We’re excited and honored to welcome over 200 new students in this year’s RWTH German Engineering College (GEC)!

The GEC is a digital qualification program that offers tailored preparation for our different Master’s degree programs in engineering. Participants complete English-taught modules in order to close subject-related gaps and to fulfil requirements for their aspired Master’s admission.

Meet our Program Managers of the GEC

Last Friday, our Program Managers Alina and Sou welcomed the new students live from our film studio, showing their commitment to mentoring and supporting them throughout the program!

Alina and Sou oversee various aspects of the GEC, including coordinating modules, assisting with admissions, and ensuring a smooth learning experience for each student.

RWTH German Engineering College

Growth of the German Engineering College since 2020

In 2020, we have organized the German Engineering College for the first time. With the help of the China Office, we could start the program with a group of 48 participants. Since then, we have also established an India Office and a Mexico Office. In the years following the start of the program the GEC has continuously grown.

We are cooperating with more and more renowned universities in China, India and Latin America. Moreover, our module portfolio keeps expanding to provide the best preparation for the studies at RWTH.

Because of the guidance and support from our local offices for each individual student, we are welcoming a multi-cultural group of students this year. After months of planning and consulting, we are so happy to have welcomed the students during our digital Opening Event and to finally start our courses again.

So here we are, looking forward to a new program run with many dedicated young students working towards their common goal: a Master's degree at RWTH!

Listen to the experiences of our GEC alumni

Check out the interviews with our alumni and get all his first-hand insights in detail. All of the alumni who were interviewed are now students in one of our master's programs. Why did they participate in the GEC and how was their student journey?

Thank you Silu, Taige, Yuqing and Yumin for taking the time to share your experiences!

RWTH German Engineering College