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Last attendance phase of M.Sc. Periodontology 2022 – expert education for dentists enters final round

It’s a wrap! The fourth and last attendance phase of Paroma 2022 is history. Time flies so fast. In November 2022 our students joined us for the first time and now in August the last attendance phase has come to an end.

The fourth attendance phase of our part-time master's program, which trains dental students to become experts in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease, focuses on implantology and the use of lasers in periodontal treatment.

This final practical session rounds out the curriculum, which also includes modules on microbiology, periodontal disease, surgical and non-surgical treatment approaches, emergency periodontology, and tooth preservation and the "Aachen Periodontal Treatment Concept" developed here in Aachen.

Innovative treatment alternatives for future experts

For two days, our students were able to practice using different lasers and learn which procedures they can be used for as an alternative to conventional treatments. This module is always very popular as many students have little or no experience with lasers.

The opportunity to try different lasers with different wavelengths means that there is always something new to learn, even for more experienced students.

These training sessions are complemented by real treatment situations in which our students can look over the shoulder of the lecturers as they treat patients in small groups. This ensures that practical questions can be answered directly and that our lecturers not only present various treatment situations, but also pass on valuable experience they have gained over the years. Tips and tricks which are not usually found in a handbook are thus shown and implemented directly in practice.

Intensive focus on implantology: theory, practice and in-depth knowledge of the world of implants

The other two days were dedicated to implantology. Each day began with a theoretical introduction to the different techniques and types of implantology and what needs to be considered in relation to periodontology. These lectures were illustrated with case studies.

Building on this, our students learned about digital implant planning for guided implant placement as well as emergence profiling and individualized and intraoperative impression taking in the practical sessions. This was completed by the presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of different retention elements.

To support this practical training, various real cases were presented and discussed afterwards to further deepen the acquired knowledge.

Many thanks to our students who were once again so committed this week. The next time we meet in Aachen, you will be graduates!

And of course a big thank you goes to our student Ms. Bishti, who sweetened our last day with homemade tarts and cupcakes. However, this only made it a little easier to say goodbye.

By the way: Applications for the new class are being accepted until August 31, 2023!