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First M.Sc. Periodontology class successfully graduated!

Paroma 2021 – You made it!

We are proud to announce that the first batch of the M.Sc. Periodontology program has successfully graduated. The postgraduate Master's program for dentists has been offered by RWTH International Academy since 2021. Our first class has now received their Master's cap.

Looking back at the beginnings and the growing community!

In an emotional laudation, our scientific director, Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun, recalled the beginnings of the program during the Corona pandemic, the digital teaching on the screen ( which has become routine by now), and the challenges of offering as much practice as possible despite the restrictions – after all, everything was being done for the first time.

At the same time,  Prof. Dr. Andreas Braun emphasized that the students were able to grow closely together during this time and now benefit from this international network of experts. With two more groups now studying with us, our global network continues to grow.

Graduation Day 2023

Check out the atmosphere of our graduation in this video!

Many thanks to all participants for your statements – we are very happy that you had such a successful and unforgettable time

Graduates presented innovative research work

Not only our teachers, but also our graduates had their say. Dr. Sarah Böcher and Dr. Christoph Färber, for example, presented their Master's thesis. In microbiological experiments, Dr. Sarah Böcher had studied proteins in certain oral bacteria and developed a phylogenetic tree, while Dr. Christoph Färber focused on the periodontal-endodontic interface and its infectious lesions in a literature thesis.

After receiving their certificates, our graduates were able to join family and friends for a toast and to reflect on their studies.

We thank all of our graduates and wish you all the best for the future! We hope to see you again!