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Expanding networks and growing careers: Looking back at our Networking Brunch 2023

Meeting your potential employer over coffee? Why not? That is why we invited our international students and global companies from Aachen and abroad to our Networking Brunch 2023!

As part of our exclusive career program, the Networking Brunch is a wonderful opportunity for our students to expand their professional network, learn about the different types of companies and what they have to offer and receive valuable advice on what to pay attention to during an application process.

Personal connections and exciting insights into the global working world

The event officially kicked off with short pitches by representatives from NNIT, Momentum Technologies GmbH, Universal Robots and Ferchau GmbH. After this introduction, students were able to speak with the company's representatives in personal one-on-one meetings as well as over a cup of coffee and breakfast finger food! More offers for our students included on-the-spot CV checks by Career Coach Mustafa Toga and having their professional application photos taken.

We would like to thank everyone for their participation and look forward to the next career event!

Introducing the participating global companies

We would like to thank all the companies that participated in the Networking Brunch. Your presence and commitment made our event a great success. Thank you for sharing your expertise, insights and career opportunities with our talented students!

Momentum Technologies GmbH

Our guests from Momentum Technologies GmbH successfully pointed out what makes their company stand out from others.

Gerhard Froebus underlined the company's history, commitment to service and detail-oriented work principles – and a philosophy in which employees’ input is valued and considered – a real plus when it comes to choosing a potential employer!

Dual student at Momentum Tech Rima Choikh was able to provide valuable insights into their work from a student's perspective.

RWTH Networking Brunch 2023

RWTH Networking Brunch 2023

Ferchau GmbH

By presenting opportunities for applicants, company representatives Ruud Verschuren and Martina Heffels shared valuable information for a successful career at Ferchau GmbH.

Outlining different career paths, employee benefits and numerous career fields within their company, they were also available to answer questions on the application process at Ferchau – exactly what our students need to know when they apply!


Our guests from NNIT presented their company and the opportunities for engineering students in a captivating company pitch – and we were excited to welcome one of our alumni, Roshan Gadkari, together with his colleagues Anette Pedersen and Olaf Wohlfeil to the event.

Roshan graduated from the CAME study program in 2020 and works as an Advanced Business Consultant at NNIT. The three of them gave our students the chance to experience state-of-the-art technology, enjoy conversations in spontaneous one-to-one meetings and get valuable insights into NNIT's work.

RWTH Networking Brunch 2023

RWTH Networking Brunch 2023

Universal Robots

By bringing a mobile robot to feature the company's product, Jan Winter from Universal Robots was able to reel in interested students.

The opportunity to try out operating the robot was a great chance to see an application example and experiencing performing the task themselves, especially for our RoboSys students.

Networking Brunch 2023: Building bridges to your career success

Step into the vibrant atmosphere of our Networking Brunch 2023, experience how connections are made and listen to the statements of the participants on YouTube!

Capturing Moments: Our Networking Brunch 2023 in Pictures