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Europe connects: International exchange from university to school classrooms

Together with our lecturer PD Dr. Ines Soldwisch from the Master of Public Administration (MPA) European Studies and our partner school Anne-Frank-Gymnasium in Aachen, we are looking back on yesterday's lecture on "Right-wing populism in the European Parliament".

Anne-Frank-Gymnasium meets Europe

In the first presentation of the lecture series "AFG meets Europe", PD Dr. Ines Soldwisch from the Chair of Modern History and its Cultures of Knowledge and Technology was able to share topics from her seminar "Right-wing populism in the European Parliament" with the younger target group of the classes at Anne-Frank-Gymnasium. The audience was fascinated by the exciting topics from the history of the European Parliament and the international comparison of different cultures regarding the topic of right-wing populism.

With her lecture, Ms. Soldwisch successfully inspired the students to reflect and encouraged them to express their own opinions in a concluding discussion.

"We can only succeed in creating democracy if we engage in a common discourse and discuss our visions."

PD Dr. Ines Soldwisch | Lecturer MPA European Studies

Bringing the world into the classroom: Europa macht Schule ("Europe meets School")

The new program year of "Europa macht Schule" started at the beginning of September. Last year, some students of RWTH International Academy were already successfully involved in this program and were able to gain valuable experience. The program is organized in cooperation with DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

It is not only aimed at students from other European countries, but also at international students from all over the world who would like to share their experiences about their home country and life in Germany with one of the partner schools.

In the last program year, students from India, Mexico and Taiwan participated alongside European students. We are happy to start another project year together with our partner school, Anne-Frank-Gymnasium in Aachen, and would like to encourage our students to participate in this great project!