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Empowering Excellence: Insightful review meeting ensures student-centered improvement

It was time again for our review meeting! As part of our quality management, we met with our engineering and humanities students to get constructive feedback directly from them. We talked openly about their motivation for studying, their progress, the structure of the programs and the workload. In addition, we discussed good and bad examples of teaching as well as digital teaching.

Your success is our mission

The further development of our programs and concepts through analysis, feedback and innovation are essential to meet the needs of our students and to guarantee their success in today's working world.

Therefore, we were particularly interested in the career goals of our students and how we can support them in achieving their ambitions more effectively.

The Review Meeting allows us to be close and in a continuous personal exchange with our students. This very qualitative way of getting valuable feedback is an essential component of the academic quality assurance process. Together with students, we address any challenges and concerns that may arise, assess the quality of their studies and evaluate improvement measures taken so far. And of course, we like to create a positive and supportive environment that encourages our students to seek guidance when needed.

Debora Greis – Head of Master's Degree Programs & Development, Accreditation & Quality Assurance

A special thank you to all those involved and to the students who shared with us their valuable study experiences and their views on their studies. Everyone has come up with great ideas for improvement – some we can implement immediately, others will be realized in the medium and long term.

We wish you continued success in your exams and studies!

Many thanks to our students: Hlib Mikhno, Nissreen Wahish, Parichat Hähnen, Tianrui Zhao, Xi Wang, Karthik Manga Surya Venkata Sai, Rylan Peroz, Akshdeep Singh, Mukund Srivastava, Priyanka Dani and Silu Che

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