• Accreditation of "The Textile Institute"

    Our M.Sc. Textile Engineering is accredited by the renowned "The Textile Institute", placing it as one of three excellent educational programs in Germany.

  • Delegation visit from India – seven new MOUs

    Development of Online Courses for Indian colleges on the topic of "composite materials" in the field of textile technology.

  • Recap of our RWTH Summer Schools

    Broaden your horizon and boost your career
    This summer we welcomed 58 students on site and another 61 online from a total of 21 countries.

Continuing education funding 2020/2021

Education Funding Germany BMAS

Good news to all those who applied for Bildungscheck 2020 (education voucher) but could not claim it due to the restrictions in the course of the pandemic: This year's Bildungscheck is still valid in 2021! In addition, it is still possible to apply for this year's Bildungscheck now and also for next year's voucher, so that two further training courses in 2021 are eligible for funding.

Moreover, in October of this year, the "Gesetz zur Förderung der beruflichen Weiterbildung im Strukturwandel und Weiterentwicklung der Ausbildungsförderungen" (Law on the Promotion of Continuing Vocational Training in Structural Change and the Further Development of Training Subsidies) was updated. Accordingly, the basic subsidies will be increased to make further training more accessible to companies of all sizes.