Visualization through Augmented/Virtual Reality

Creating AR/VR Applications for Your Company

Experience the difference between Augmented and Virtual Reality applications and learn more about the various areas of application. Whether in marketing, for teaching platforms or maintenance work in production: Independently setting up Daydream applications and programming Augmented Reality applications with the aid of CAD models will allow you to learn how to autonomously handle these technologies.

Course Contents

Augmented and Virtual Reality in the production context
Implementing Daydream applications
Lab tour in a model factory 4.0
Programming AR and VR applications

Group of Participants
Engineers, technicians, managers or executives from the areas of marketing, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and communication

Augmented and Virtual Reality applications are key for the ongoing digitalization in the company to map production processes and products close to reality and to use these for a targeted marketing. Employing these technologies in production can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. They serve to reduce machine downtime, thus rendering remote maintenance systems and the use of technicians obsolete.

On two days of attendance, theoretical basic knowledge will be built on the basis of lectures and the lessons learned will be deepened by means of practical examples in the model factory. Optional and after agreement, graduates will also receive support after the seminar to carry out improvement projects in their own company.

Further information regarding the seminar "Visualization though Augmented/Virtual Reality"

On the first day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Introduction and demonstration of AR/VR solutions in the model factory
  • Theoretical and practical demands
  • Programming a Daydream application

On the second day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Creating animations and programming of an AR
  • Introduction to software technologies
  • Application for maintenance work in production
Module Overview                   


Study format:
Inhouse Program
Course fees:
Upon request
Certificate of Attendance
German or English

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