Companies in highly developed countries depend on their employees’ knowledge, their experience, and their creativity. Knowledge has become a competitive factor. And, concurrently, knowledge is becoming obsolete faster. A continuing development and adaptability, both on a personal and on a corporate level, have more than ever become fundamental for sustained success.

Academic further education stands for education at a university pursued parallel to full-time work. Usually, it is employed following degrees qualifying the recipient for professional work. Taking the target group into account, the programmes are conceived regarding content and didactical methods at university level. Hereby, the special time frames of professionals are given close consideration. Academic further education generally builds on professional experience and usually requires a university degree. Academic further education programmes are typically profession-oriented, but can also be of general interest.


Staff Retention

In view of the shortage of skilled workers, staff retention is, besides the successful acquisition of graduates and professionals, of an ever increasing importance for companies. It is growing increasingly evident that financial incentives alone are not effective. More than ever, possibilities for further education are employed as an effective means of staff retention.


Further Education at RWTH Aachen University

The RWTH Aachen University is not merely an institution of excellence in terms of research. It is distinguished by its proximity to industry and trade, for which it is frequently honoured and receives top places in rankings conducted by publications and studies. The didactical competences of a university constitute a competitive factor in the further education market: Knowledge is generated especially at universities and research institutions. The transfer to suitable RWTH further education programmes enables you and your staff to study with scientists who are in step with actual practice. You will, consequently, gain access to a network of scientists and industry representatives, and will also be given the possibility to make use of the institutes’ laboratories and experimental rigs. Let your company profit from the proximity to cutting-edge research – contact us to enter into a dialogue about your further education needs.