Best Practice: Battery Electrified Vehicle

Transformation of the Automotive Industry

Together with the institutes ika, ISEA and PEM we conceived with & for a customer a training around the conception, the structure and the design of an electric vehicle. Participants were specialists and managers (engineers) from the areas of production as well as research & development, optimization and planning.

The goal was to qualify employees in the field of electrification / electromobility of vehicles and to expand the skills so that the system could be evaluated, specified and integrated.


  • 18 days of training in 7 weeks
  • 7 lab excursions & hardware demonstrations
  • 40 participants
  • 3 institutes of the RWTH Aachen
  • 22 lecturers

Course Content

  • Electric & Electronics Fundamentals
  • BEV Technology Fundamentals
  • BEV Application & Benchmark
  • BEV Component Technology
  • Component Production

Digital & Presence

In the first run, this in-house training was carried out classically in the premises of the RWTH International Academy in presence. In the next step, the second run was digitally transmitted from our film studio.

Special features of the digital execution:

  • Digital lab visits: pre-recorded and live broadcasts
  • Learning management platform: The documents and presentations are available together with a learning review from our system that can be performed directly on the platform

Further topics and inspiration for in-house courses

Environment & Sustainability

Technology Management

Electrification & Mobility

Quality Management

Robotics & Industry 4.0

Medicine & Health

Tanja Lux

Laura Noske