Flat Shares, Apartments and Boarding Rooms

Live in the heart of Aachen and maintain a focus on your studies – this is our approach. Our rooms and apartments are available to suit your needs. We offer accommodations for a short period of time for those students who only stay at RWTH for a couple of days or weeks or need to bridge a few days before or after their stay in their own apartment. In addition, our international students have the opportunity to get a home in Aachen for a longer stay of several months or even years, from which they can discover their new hometown.

We offer the following newly renovated and modern apartments and rooms, at fair prices with additional services:

Housing Oppenhoffallee

Flat Share

55 Rooms in shared accomodation, with shared kitchen and bathroom per flat (3 or 5 people flat shares)


41 Apartments for single or double occupancy, with own kitchenette, ensuite bathroom and shared study/living room

Housing Elisabethstraße

Boarding Rooms

60 beds in our Boarding House, with own kitchenette, ensuite bathroom and shared study room (max. 2 people occupancy)

Oppenhoffallee | Flat Share

In this house with 15 flats all students reside in a way that is typical for Aachen: they share a flat in groups of 3 to 5. This guarantees intercultural exchange and lasting friendships while living in the most popular neighbourhood for young professionals – the „Frankenberger Viertel“.

Flat sharing for an intercultural exchange

  • 55 rooms | 15 flat shares (3 or 5 people)
  • Located in the trendy Frankenberger Viertel with close proximity to the city center and Aachen central station
  • Room ca.15m², newly renovated in 2017, furnished with a fully equipped kitchen and separate bathrooms and toilets

Address: Oppenhoffallee 2, 52066 Aachen
Contact: housing@academy.rwth-aachen.de

Housing Oppenhoffallee

Your neighbourhood right around the corner:

Elisabethstraße | Apartments & Boarding Rooms

This new house was opened in 2021 by RWTH International Academy and is therefore newly renovated to meet the needs of our students. Besides all features and the individual support through the Academy, the outstanding benefit of this house is its perfect location in the heart of the city center.

Your choice: Apartment or Boarding Room

  • Apartments for longer stays, where it is possible to spend several months or years
  • Boarding Rooms for shorter stays to get to know Aachen first
  • Located in the city center on a quiet side road

Address: Elisabethstraße 13, 52062 Aachen
Contact: housing@academy.rwth-aachen.de

Your neighbourhood right around the corner: