The Digital Education Center at RWTH International Academy

The Digital Education Center (DEC) at RWTH International Academy is the driving force behind your digital teaching and learning experience. We combine technology, creativity and community to provide faculty, students and participants with an optimal digital environment for teaching and learning. Our professional technical infrastructure and well-designed learning concepts enable innovative teaching and learning – anywhere and on any device.

Courses at the learning space
Hours of videos

Creating new perspectives – our offer to lecturers

For us, digital teaching is more than a stopgap solution when on-site meetings are not possible. We see digital teaching as an independent form of communication and collaboration that allows for different didactic arrangements than traditional face-to-face teaching. We work with you to design courses that are interactive, engaging, and meet your learning objectives. We give you the opportunity to present your topic in an innovative way, to create new perspectives and to make knowledge comprehensible.

Format Development

Didactic Consulting and Course Design

Professional Video Production and Training

Interactive Course Material Creation

Planning and support of live sessions

Electronic Exams and Exam Design

Become part of our learning community – flexible, interactive and personal

Online training as an alternative to classroom training? Benefit from professional videos, interactive live sessions, targeted progress monitoring and high-quality learning materials. Be part of the learning community at RWTH International Academy from the comfort of your own home. Study on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - at home, at work or wherever you are.

Personalized support

With our online programs and our instructors we will guide you through your learning journey from day one. We will advise you on the appropriate topic, format, and entry point, and we will be there for you throughout the course. And we look forward to seeing you receive your well-deserved certificate of completion.

Flexible learning formats

Fully online, partially online, partially face-to-face, synchronous or recorded - we have the right learning format for you. We combine didactically sound learning scenarios so that the training fits you and your everyday life.

Interactive learning materials

Learning is an active process. That's why you can expect from us an attractive mix of self-learning materials that use the full range of didactic tools and combine them in a meaningful way. In this way, we make sure that the new knowledge really sticks and that you get immediate feedback on your progress.

Strong learning community

When you take our courses, you become part of a strong learning community. You will expand your network and use a variety of digital communication tools to exchange ideas with others.

Knowledge anywhere, anytime – the learning space at RWTH International Academy

With our learning space, we are creating an interactive learning and collaboration space that enables learning from anywhere, on any device. As the central hub of the digital classroom, the learning space is intuitive to use, appealing in design, and easy to navigate. Learners and instructors will find all the materials and information they need for the course - and much more!

Introductory videos

Introductory videos to the event provide orientation and an overview of the framework and expectations of the instructor.

Track your progress

Didactically rich, interactive self-paced units invite you to engage with the content and monitor your progress.

Learn and share together

Forums, chat, and messenger allow for lively and seamless interaction in the learning community.

All dates at a glance

A calendar clearly displays all relevant dates for the event.

Experience and measure success

Badges increase motivation to engage with learning content and make learning achievements visible.

Versatile offers outside the classroom

Useful information about the program, the RWTH, the city of Aachen or related learning opportunities allow you to look beyond the course.

Available on all devices

Our learning space is accessible on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Knowledge is available anytime, anywhere.

Curious now?

Get in touch with us! Whether you are a digital professional or a complete novice, our experienced team of media educators and producers will guide you personally and individually on your journey through the digital world of teaching and learning.
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Janina Dähne

  • Bereichsleiterin Digital Education Center