Alumni Research Grant

Numerous ideas and many unusual but forward-looking research approaches have emerged from RWTH. Together with our alumni, we also want to "think the future" in line with the RWTH motto.

That is why we have created an exclusive scholarship for alumni who - and after completing their master's degree - aim at pursuing further research work, field research, project work abroad or product development.

You can find all scholarship information on our scholarship website here. If you have any further questions or inquiries, please write to us at

We look forward to getting to know your project and receiving your application!

Award Winners of the past Years

Mr. Bharath Anantharamaiah (left)
Visiting research scholar at University of Michigan-Dearborn (USA)
Alumni Research Grant for his research project: "Analysis of low-energy impact on polymer and polymer matrix composite surfaces"

Mr. Ricardo Pfeiffer (right)
Alumni Research Grant for his project work on "Sustainable Design-Production Systems"