Mentoring Program | Short Courses

The Mentoring Program of RWTH International Academy – in cooperation with RWTH International Office – is a unique opportunity for RWTH students to build an international network and develop intercultural skills. Get ready for an unforgettable experience full of cultural and fun activities and become a mentor for our on-campus or online programs! In contrast to the International Office's BeBuddy program, our mentors spend a rather short, but especially intensive two, three or four weeks with one group of students they accompany.

At the end of each Short Course, RWTH International Academy awards all mentors an official participation certificate for their efforts and support.

Your benefits of becoming a mentor

  • Meet new people from all around the world and have a wonderful time together
  • Build lasting friendships with international students
  • Create an international network
  • Improve your intercultural competencies
  • Practice your foreign language skills
  • Be part of a big team and have a fun time with other mentors

As a Mentor to this course, it was a pleasure to show the participants all around Aachen, get together for fun events and talk to them about everything and anything. Starting from the city rally, where we explored more of the cultural aspects of Aachen, during the hike to the boarder tripoint where we challenged the labyrinth, or the karaoke evening at the bar where we rocked the place together, and the chill barbecue with a stunningly close football match! Thank you RWTH Short Courses for having me and for making it so much fun!

Sebastian Gehring, Germany | Mentoring Program 2022

Choose your favorite mentoring activities

As a mentor, you play a key role for our Short Courses students. With a group of other mentors you are responsible for the support of our international students during social events (organized by RWTH International Academy) and in their free time. Once the program starts, you welcome them together with us and help them form a group. Below are some exemplary activities you can organize in a Short Course for our international students.

Summer and Winter Schools

Online Courses

Are you interested?

Become part of our team and spend two, three or four weeks with our international students. See below which requirements you should meet – but most importantly:
Be motivated and have fun spending a great time with our participants!

Your profile as a mentor

  • Be open-minded and interested in different cultures
  • Know Aachen and its surroundings
  • Be an empathetic and positive person
  • Have time for 2 - 4 weeks full of activities
  • Be eager to initiate fun events with other mentors
  • Have good or advanced English skills (other language skills are great, but not mandatory)

How to get your commitment certified

  • Attend one of our Mentoring Workshops
  • Join 3 or more social events organized by RWTH International Academy
  • Organize an own event with the other mentors
  • Share the photos and stories
  • Provide us a testimonial

Registration for our upcoming Short Courses

To become a mentor for one of our programs simply fill in our registration form with details such as:

  • First & last name
  • Email address
  • Your field of study & matriculation number
  • The Short Courses, you are interested in (sorted by priority)
  • Short motivation

Mentoring Workshops Schedule

(participation depends on the Summer School you wish to take part in)

Mentoring Workshop 1 (06.06.24,  13:30 - 15:30)

  • Robot Operating Systems Essentials
  • Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Applications
  • Innovative Technologies in Automotive Engineering
  • Production Technology meets Industry 4.0

Mentoring Workshop 2 (07.06.24, 13:30 - 15:30)

  • Sustainable Buildings and Green Cities
  • Robotics and Innovation for Future Industries
  • German Engineering, Language & Culture

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us:

Lena Wehrle

Event Manager