Master's Prep Courses

Prepare yourself for your Master’s degree in engineering at RWTH International Academy. Get a head start and fulfill your academic requirements with the thorough preparation provided in the Master’s Prep Courses. Close knowledge gaps and have a smooth transition into your successful Master’s studies!

Registration Deadline: May 30, 2021 (Non-EU applicants) and July 30, 2021 (EU applicants)

Study format: Preparatory block courses
Conditions: Admission to M.Sc. degree program
Teaching: The courses will be held by professors and research assistants of RWTH Aachen University.
Course fees: 750 € per technical course
Language: English

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Your Benefits

  • Refresh and deepen your knowledge
  • Fulfill academic requirements directly at the beginning of your studies
  • Get accustomed to RWTH’s learning and teaching standard
  • Complete the courses online from the comfort of your own home
  • Enjoy our social events that are planned exclusively for you
  • Benefit from a great head start to your studies

Planned wisely and executed even better. The lecturers explained till the depth and completely made my understanding of the concepts very clear.

2020 student feedback

To prepare you for your M.Sc. degree program we offer the courses Mathematics III, Machine Design II, and Mechanics III. The courses were developed in close cooperation with RWTH Aachen’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Civil Engineering in order to tailor this program in the best possible way for your upcoming studies.

In addition to your excellent academic preparation, you can rely on social and organizational support during your first weeks as an RWTH International Academy student.

Intense Learning Experience

Engage with lecturers in live classes and exercises, and deepen your knowledge with the help of learning videos, tests, and further learning material in your digital course room. Join the course every day and experience intensive all-round preparation! Expect around four hours of study time each day, and meet your academic requirements with the subsequent exams.

Social and Cultural Events

We offer a range of extra-curricular events for you to relax after a hard day of studying! Take part in our numerous online events to get to know your fellow students and make friends. These include experiencing Aachen's environment in our digital sightseeing tour, networking in our online party game sessions, and trying out some exercises in an online format. Once you are here, look forward to our traditional hike trip to the border triangle and meet your classmates in person.

Digital Preparation Courses

The courses take place in our cutting-edge and professional film studio, allowing an interactive and accessible format. On various screens, the lecturer has the possibility to present course contents, to share notes, calculations, and sketches live, and to exchange ideas with the participants.

Mathematics III

Machine Design II

Mechanics III

Management Prep Courses

In addition to the mathematics-based technical Master's Prep Courses, we also offer management courses: Introduction to Business Administration and Quantitative Methods in Economics. These provide important basic knowledge in economics as a foundation to our Management and Engineering degree programs. Both courses are exclusively for students who have to fulfill requirements in the above named subjects. Registration ahead of the start is not necessary. We will simply contact you at the start of the courses with the necessary details regarding organization.