M.Sc. Smart Production Engineering

Become a production engineer and shape the digital transformation in industry and companies. In our highly interdisciplinary M.Sc. Smart Production Engineering (M.Sc. SPE) you align your studies with your personal research interests and specialize in one of three trend setting future topics that are already significantly changing production technology today: Additive Manufacturing, Smart Factory, Electric Mobility Production.

Study format:
Master’s Degree Program
2 years | 4 semesters | full time
Winter Semester 2024/25
Credit Points:
120 ECTS
Course fees:
24,000 €
M.Sc., awarded by RWTH Aachen University

Take your engineering skills to the next level

Production technology is changing. Digitalization has had a major impact on the world of work and production over the past ten years, and its influence continues to grow significantly. As part of "Industry 4.0", production technology is becoming increasingly networked and more agile. New manufacturing processes are emerging, and entire industries must adapt their production towards global trends in productivity, flexibility and sustainability. The M.Sc. SPE responds to these developments with its interdisciplinary curriculum and qualifies you to move into advanced positions at the interface of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.

As an M.Sc. SPE student, you will learn to

  • provide quantitative analytical methods for process analysis
  • design, direct, optimize and monitor production processes
  • develop and enhance serial production lines and assembly systems
  • improve manufacturing performance and identify process bottlenecks
  • develop innovative production machines and assembly systems for state-of-the-art manufacturing planning

The SPE program is under the academic direction of the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University. The WZL stands worldwide and for many decades for successful and forward-thinking research in the field of production engineering. Research insights from the cutting-edge technology at WZL flow directly into the curriculum providing application-oriented education and the most up-to date technology knowledge.

Your studies – your choice: Choose a study track

To equip you with the specialization you need for your individual career path, we offer three exclusive study tracks in the M.Sc. SPE that represent the latest in production engineering. Each study track stands on its own, leading to a tailored education that gives you a very individual profile and sets you apart from the crowd.

Additive Manufacturing

Choosing this study track you will

  • focus on generative manufacturing processes
  • analyze process chains for additive manufactured components
  • learn about advanced materials and manufacturing technologies such as selective laser melting

Learn more about the Additive Manufacturing Track

Smart Factory

Choosing this study track you will

  • navigate "Industry 4.0" driven production and control production processes with 5G technology
  • get to know agile production and progressive automation
  • learn about model-based systems engineering

Learn more about the Smart Factory Track

Electric Mobility Production

Choosing this study track you will

  • design electrical machines for production processes and learn about vehicle component production
  • innovate mobility engineering towards a green future
  • improve sustainable energy storage systems and optimize value chains

Learn more about the Electric Mobility Production Track

Get an idea of the program

Five general compulsory courses in the first three semesters and an optional internship are an integral part of the M.Sc. SPE, regardless of your chosen study track.  In addition, you will complete track-specific elective courses to best shape your individual profile as a production engineer and give you a head start in the industry.

Check out the detailed module manual for M.Sc. SPE.
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Compulsory Courses

Additive Manufacturing: Compulsory Courses

Smart Factory: Compulsory Courses

Electric Mobility Production: Compulsory Courses

Language Courses

Internship or Elective Courses

Additive Manufacturing: Elective Courses

Smart Factory: Elective Courses

Electric Mobility Production: Elective Courses

Master Thesis

Shubham's journey in M.Sc. Smart Production Engineering

Learn from Shubham Pathare about his experience pursuing his master's degree with focus on E-Mobility! From academic insights to industry immersion, discover how our program has shaped his career in the automotive industry.

Explore your future career

The job profile of the next generation of engineers will be strongly influenced by digitalization and advanced key technologies. When it comes to networking production machines, connecting cars with the infrastructure or designing smart factories: The industry urgently needs interdisciplinary trained experts to secure the future and competitiveness of production in times of digital change. The M.Sc. SPE addresses this demand with its curriculum and three customized specializations and thus qualifies engineers for the flexible, digital and smart production of the future.

Upon successful completion of the M.Sc. SPE, you

  • design digital and information technology-based product and production-related processes
  • identify digitalization potentials in industrial production
  • develop holistic and sustainable solution approaches beyond production planning and design of a factory
  • know how to create competitive advantages and implement new business models

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Your path to success

We want you to be successful - right from the start! Even before you begin your studies, we plan your course schedule with you and agree on goals that you want to achieve in each semester. Regular meetings and proactive academic advising during your time with us will help you identify your strengths and continually develop them. Our comprehensive career program and intensive individual advice and support, will equip you to graduate with honors and give you a head start for a unique career in Germany, Europe or worldwide.

Your way to us

Do you want to take your career to the next level with a Master's Degree at RWTH Aachen University? Start preparing your application now and discover how you can experience a successful start at RWTH Aachen University.

To become a SPE student you must fulfill the following admission requirements:

1. A Bachelor Degree

2. Relevant Work Experience

3. GRE General Test or Completed GEC

4. Fundamental knowledge in the following subjects

Application Period

  • Non-EU applicants: December 4 to March 1
    (Applicants who are citizens of a country outside of EU/EEA)
  • EU applicants: December 4 to July 15(Applicants who are citizens of a EU/EEA country, applicants who are currently enrolled at RWTH Aachen and applicants who are degree holders of a German University)

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