Master of Public Administration (MPA) European Studies

Do you want to understand European politics and its economic and social impact on global issues? In our Master of Public Administration in European Studies (MPA-ES) you will focus on current and future socially relevant and technology-oriented topics and combine European competence with technical know-how. Learn to link current trends with policy fields at the EU level and develop solution for European and global challenges.

Study format:
Master’s Degree Program
1.5 years | 3 semesters
Winter Semester 2024/25
Credit Points:
Course fees:
18,000 €
MPA, awarded by RWTH Aachen University

Become a European leader

The interdisciplinary MPA-ES centers around the fields of energy, transport, climate and digitalization from a political and technological perspective. This study program integrates RWTH Aachen University’s excellence in science and technology with the current political and economic agenda of the EU and thus giving you a comprehensive understanding of the impact new technologies have on EU governance and vice versa. Combining knowledge of politics, law, economics and technology, the MPA-ES will enable you to take on leaderships roles in the private and public sectors with strong orientation on the EU market and EU regulations.

As an MPA-ES student, you will learn to

  • analyze current and future global challenges and their impact on European Union politics and policies
  • think strategically about the mechanisms of European policy-making within the framework of EU and nation state interaction
  • utilize qualitative and quantitative methods of decision making and risk management
  • apply tools and measures for a data-based management of organizations

The MPA-ES program is under the academic direction of the Institute for Political Sciences (IPW) of RWTH Aachen University. Due to its highly interdisciplinary character, various other faculties are also involved in the study program. In addition, external lecturers from the EU context will teach alongside RWTH lecturers, so that you not only develop a holistic view of the EU, but also expand your professional network at the same time.

Your studies – your choice: Choose a study track

To equip you with the specialization you need for your individual career path, we offer two study tracks in the MPA-ES:

Energy and Climate

By choosing this track, you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the following areas:

  • energy economics and policy
  • electromobility and transport
  • economics of climate change and the design of climate change, mitigation policies

Learn more about the Energy and Climate Track

Digital Transformation

By choosing this track, you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the following areas:

  • strategies and shaping options for digital transformation
  • digital administration in the public sector
  • data and information security such as confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation

Learn more about the Digital Transformation Track

Get an idea of the program

Alongside the compulsory courses on the functioning of the European Union and the modules of your chosen track, you will strengthen your soft skills in elective modules and use the integrated mobility window to complete an internship or carry out a research project.

In-class attendance blocks and first-hand interaction alternate with self-study and internship periods from any location you choose. E-learning tools such as online seminars and online platforms containing a broad range of study materials complete your study experience.

Check out the detailed module manual for MPA-ES.
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European Studies Essentials: Compulsory Courses

Energy and Climate: Compulsory Courses

Internship or Project Work

Soft Skills

Digital Transformation: Compulsory Courses

Compulsory Language Course

Master Thesis

Explore your future career

Current developments of the 21st century have an enormous impact on political and social interaction. Climate change, digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are equally challenging for the public sector and corporate practices. The MPA-ES trains leaders to understand the advantages and disadvantages of emerging technologies, while also considering European positions and regulations in order to make effective decisions in private companies or public organizations.

Upon successful completion of the MPA-ES, you

  • use your European knowledge for international cooperation’s in politics and business
  • have a deep, engineering-based understanding of current and emerging technologies combined with EU expertise
  • recognize innovation potentials at the interface of technology fields
  • consider the European dimension of new technologies and business models for the fields of energy, climate and the digital single market

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Your path to success

We want you to be successful - right from the start! Even before you begin your studies, we plan your course schedule with you and agree on goals that you want to achieve in each semester. Regular meetings and proactive academic advising during your time with us will help you identify your strengths and continually develop them. Our comprehensive career program and intensive individual advice and support, will equip you to graduate with honors and give you a head start for a unique career in Germany, Europe or worldwide.

Your way to us

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To become an MPA-ES student you must fulfill the following admission requirements:

1. A Bachelor Degree

2. Relevant Work Experience

Application Period

  • Non-EU applicants: December 4 to March 1
    (Applicants who are citizens of a country outside of EU/EEA)
  • EU applicants: December 4 to July 15(Applicants who are citizens of a EU/EEA country, applicants who are currently enrolled at RWTH Aachen and applicants who are degree holders of a German University)

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