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In this section Education Topics, you will face an extensive range of further education programs, carefully organized thematically into educational topics. Discover a variety of engaging programs, including RWTH Certificate Courses and Trainings, tailored specifically to your interests and needs. Dive in and let our educational spectrum inspire you to take your professional career to the next level.

Environment & Sustainability

The future of our environment is more important than ever across industries. Resource-efficient product management and the implementation of sustainable business models are rapidly approaching us through regulatory measures, making it easy to lose track. Acquire the necessary skills in our Certificate Courses to effectively drive sustainability in your company and develop promising sustainability strategies using the right tools. By structuring, evaluating and prioritizing, you will be able to tackle the challenges of environmentally friendly production in your organization and realize them in a future-oriented way!

We offer the following courses on this topic:

Technology Management

Faster than ever before, we must face challenges on the global market that have had little relevance in the past. The interface between technology and management is of particular importance. In close collaboration with the renowned RWTH Aachen University and our industry partners, our certificate courses will introduce you to the areas of innovation management and business leadership and familiarize you with current technology trends. The focus is on the application of technology to solve complex business processes, enabling you to develop the skills necessary to implement innovative business models and individual products.

We offer the following courses on this topic:

Certificate Course Agile Innovation Development

Electrification & Mobility

Innovation and technological progress in the automotive industry are indispensable in our present time. The transition to electric propulsion and sustainable mobility presents significant opportunities and challenges for companies across all industries and for our society as a whole. Our programs and courses enable you to acquire the necessary expertise, understand the latest technologies and implement the most efficient strategies successfully. Together, we can delve into the world of electromobility and contribute to a greener and more innovative future in the transportation sector!

We offer the following courses on this topic:

Quality Management

In order to efficiently develop business processes, to systematically plan and effectively implement sustainable innovation projects, and to ensure continuous quality optimization, it is necessary for specialists to gain the necessary knowledge and tools and to learn how to use them. The methods and strategies of Six Sigma and Lean Management will be taught to you by our technical experts from the Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management of the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University. Use the basics you learn, such as the DMAIC cycle, to systematically plan sustainable improvement projects and implement them effectively in your company – for satisfied customers and employees!

We offer the following courses on this topic:

Certificate Course Six Sigma Green Belt

Robotics & Industry 4.0

The collaboration between humans and robots has been increasing productivity and efficiency in companies for decades. Automation, machine learning, and AI provide opportunities in our work environment, allowing for the relief of employees while simultaneously increasing value creation. Invest in the future of your company by participating in our certificate courses to gain an understanding of digital transformation, its significance, and how to apply it successfully!

We offer the following courses on this topic:

Seminar Interconnection of Robot Systems

Medicine & Health

Information technology and digitalization are playing an increasingly important role in the ever-changing healthcare sector. To ensure efficient care and treatment of patients, qualified professionals are needed who are able to make health data digitally usable and further process it. Gain valuable knowledge and skills with our hands-on certificate programs that will open new doors in your healthcare career.

We offer the following courses on this topic: