RWTH Training – Smart Cognition

Robot-assisted Environmental Perception in the Plant 4.0

In the era of rapid technological advancement, the intersection of cognitive science and smart technologies is revolutionizing how we interact with and harness the potential of digital systems. Strengthen your skills in efficient plant and production planning by gaining a basic understanding of environmental perception and how robotic units move around. This enables you to design an efficient and safe plant layout.

Study format:
2 Days
After announcement
Course fees:
1,150 € incl. lunch, course materials & social program, excl. overnight stay/arrival & departure
Official RWTH Certificate of Attendance

Contents of the Training

The training "Smart Cognition" at RWTH International Academy immerses participants in the dynamic realm of cognitive science and its convergence with cutting-edge smart technologies. Through a comprehensive exploration of key topics, attendees will develop a understanding of cognitive principles, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. Hands-on exercises, real-world case studies, and collaborative projects enable practical application of smart cognition in diverse contexts. During the two days of attendance, you will develop the characteristics and risks of applied perception and navigation strategies with reference to Appendix 4.0. By illustration, the concepts are explained on real sensor and robot systems.

Day 1 | Introduction

Day 2 | Examples

Develop new skills and gain industry-specific knowledge in:

  • sensor-based path finding and mapping with robotic units
  • optimization of layout and robot sensor systems in the systems in plant 4.0
  • hands-on exercises with different sensors in 2D and 3D
  • case studies from the networked factory

Scientific Lead & Lecturers of this Training

Scientific Lead

Lectures of the Training Interconnection of Robot Systems

Teaching Institutes & Partner

The Institute of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics (IGMR) at RWTH Aachen has existed since 1959.
In teaching and research, the staff of the IGMR deal with the analysis, design and optimisation of a wide variety of motion devices. This variety (e.g. cam gears, crank gears, gear and traction gears as well as their combinations) is presented in the gear lexicon.
The institute is the competent partner for the solution of kinematic, dynamic or vibration-technical tasks for all motion devices. IGMR's competence is evident in structural and dimensional synthesis as well as in the areas of tolerance investigation, measurement technology, design of controlled drives (e.g. electronic cam), cam gears, path planning and motion design.

Participation Requirements & Target Group

This training "Smart Cognition" is aimed at technical experts from the fields of:

  • factory planning
  • logistics
  • robotics

The number of participants is limited to 20 persons in order to ensure an efficient knowledge transfer in the dialog between the participants and lecturers is guaranteed.

Training Overview

2 Days | 1,150 € (exempted from sales tax)
incl. lunch, course materials & social program, excl. overnight stay/arrival and departure

  • Target audience: Technical experts from the fields of factory planning, logistics or robotics
  • RWTH Certificate of Attendance
  • 5% Alumni Discount

Why the Seminar Smart Cognition at the RWTH International Academy?

  • Driverless transport systems are increasingly finding their way into modern plants. They not only enable the autonomous transport of goods, but also expand the manipulability of objects and are considered to be the basic technology for plants that are designed to be increasingly flexible in the future.
  • Already during the design of the plant, a basic understanding of the robot system can optimize the layout and thus increase the productivity and efficiency of the plant.
  • You will receive targeted specialist knowledge through the specific support of expert lecturers from the Institute of Mechanism Theory, Machine Dynamics and Robotics.
  • This is a practical training program at one of the world's best technical universities and you will acquire state-of-the-art knowledge.
  • You will obtain a high quality educational qualification through a RWTH Aachen qualification

RWTH Certificate of Attendance & Digital Badge

You will receive an official RWTH Certificate of Attendance "Smart Cognition". The achievements contribute fundamentally to your professional development. In addition, you will receive the certificate as a verified digital badge protected and authenticated by the blockchain, which will specifically strengthen your professional portfolio through its unlimited visibility, security and flexibility.

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Funding Options

If you live/work in Germany, there are a number of government funding opportunities for your continuing education. Financial and time support is offered, for example the

  • individual federal states
    (e.g. through Bildungsscheck or QualiCheck)
  • education premium
  • educational leave
Grant application

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