RWTH Certificate Course Fundamentals of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for Industrial Products

LCA as a Holistic Environmental Inspection Method

Learn to represent and quantify material and energy flows relevant to the process as input or output variables in the various life phases of the product, process or service. In addition, you will be able to use the Life Cycle Assessment tool for process optimisation decisions that focus on added value.

  • Course 1:                  
    20 - 24 March 2023
    (Course Language English | Documents: English)                   
  • Course 2:
    25 - 29 September 2023                                                   
  • Course 3:
    20 - 24 November 2023
Study format:
Certificate Course
5 Days
Different course dates
Credit Points:
2 ECTS (50 Hrs. Workload)
Course fees:
3,200 € incl. lunch, course documents & accompanying program, excl. accommodation / arrival & departure
RWTH Executive Certificate

You will learn:

  • Various phases of LCA and their areas of application
  • Autonomous implementation of Life Cycle Assessments
  • Development of standardized methods for account balancing according to DIN norm
  • Interpretation of LCA analyses and evaluation of improvement potentials
Course Characteristics Certificate Course Fundamentals of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for Industrial Products

Contents of the Training

In five days of attendance, participants will learn to evaluate analysis results and potential for improvement through lectures and the independent performance of a LCA study. The new knowledge is complemented by an introduction to the OpenLCA software, including a corresponding application exercise. On the last day of the course, participants take an exam in the form of a LCA group work followed by a presentation of the results.

Module Overview







  • Introduction & expectations
  • Life Cycle Assesment: introduction & application fields

Phase 3 & 4 of LCA

  • Phase 3: Life Cycle Impact Assessment Overview on and computation of
    environmental impacts based on LCI results
  • Phase 4: Interpretation and Sensitivity
  • Interpretation and communication of Life Cycle Assessment results

Decision-making processes

  • Specific industrial production process
  • Portrayal and implementation of LCA in industrial processes of decision-
    making and introduction to the case study

Examination Case Study

  • Independent LCA study

Prospects of LCA

  • Prospects of LCA
  • Wrap-up LCA






Phase 1 & 2 of Life Cycle Assessment

  • Phase 1: Goal & Scope Definition
  • Phase 2: Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) Theoretical background for data collection, building of an LCI model, software tools & databases

Introduction to a LCA Software

  • Modelling course: LCI
  • Modelling course: Allocation
  • Modelling course: Life Cycle Impact Assesment

Modelling Course: Case Study

  • Conducting an industry-related LCA case study
  • Example industries:
    - Recycling
    - Petro
    - Food
    - Transport
    - Energy

CO2 avoidance cost curves as decision-making tool

  • Comprehensive communication of LCA results both within the company
    and towards stakeholders
  • group work: preparation for final presentation

Examination and Awarding of Certificates

  • Examination (group presentations)
  • Feedback and Awarding of Certificates

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Lecturers of the Course Fundamentals of Life Cycle Assessment

Dr. Arne Kätelhön
Managing Director of Carbon Minds

Dr. Arne Kätelhön has been involved in various research projects on Life Cycle Assessment in the chemical industry and the energy sector and is author of scientific publications in this field. His experience in environmental management is supported by international research stays (e.g. UC Santa Barbara and KEIO University, Tokyo) and his former employment at an environmental consulting firm in China.

Raoul Meys, M.Sc.
Managing Director & CTO at Carbon Minds;
Institute for Technical Thermodynamics at RWTH Aachen University

Raoul Meys heads the company Carbon Minds together with Dr. Arne Kätelhön. His research focuses on the Life Cycle Assessment of renewable carbon feedstocks used for the production of petrochemical products such as polymers, chemicals and fuels. His experience also builds on his continued participation in several industry projects with various petrochemical company partners.

Oskar Vögler, M.Sc.
Consultant & Project Manager at Carbon Minds

Oskar is a member of the Carbon Minds consulting team. In his position, he is in close contact with clients and is responsible for managing several projects. In addition to developing digital optimization models, Oskar supports clients with LCA analysis and thermodynamic problems. Oskar has 3 years of professional experience in modeling complex optimization problems and in life cycle assessment, which he gained during his studies and developed as a project manager at Carbon Minds.

Ronja Hermanns, M.Sc.
Chemical Engineer for Life Cycle Assessment at Carbon Minds

Ronja is the senior chemical engineer at Carbon Minds. She started as a student assistant at Carbon Minds. Since 2021 she is responsible for modeling chemical processes and chemical networks (large volume chemicals to fine chemicals) according to the Carbon Minds methodology and analyzing LCA results of the chemical industry. Through various impact analyses of supply chains and process routes in the context of industry projects, Ronja is very familiar with the LCA of various conventional and alternative technologies for the chemical industry.

Francesco Scalogna, M.Sc.
Consultant & Project Manager at Carbon Minds

Francesco is a Chemical Engineer at Carbon Minds. He joined Carbon Minds in November 2022 and is responsible for modeling chemical processes and chemical networks and analyzing life cycle assessment (LCA) results of the chemical industry. Additionally, he is responsible for the development of a learning platform to facilitate industries’ first contact with LCAs. Besides that, he continues to develop a database with modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Scientific Lead

Scientific Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. Niklas von der Aßen

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. Niklas von der Aßen is Junior Professor for "Sustainable Life Cycles in Energy, Chemical and Process Engineering" at the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics at RWTH Aachen University.
His research group investigates sustainable technology and product life cycles considering planetary boundaries. To this end, he develops methods for the evaluation and design of closed material cycles in industrial processes using technology integration and sector coupling. One focus is the application and further development of the "Life Cycle Assessment" method for the evaluation and optimization of industrial production systems. Prof. von der Aßen has more than ten years of experience in research and application of LCA, both in academia and industry. He published numerous scientific papers with strong international visibility and reputation and contributed to several industrial research projects.

Participation Requirements and Target Group

  • The Fundamentals of Life Cycle Assessment Certificate Course is aimed at engineers as well as project managers.
  • You will particularly benefit from the course if you work in the fields of production, environmental management, research and development or strategic management and have at least one year of relevant professional experience.

Course Completion

You will receive the officially recognized Executive Certificate "Fundamentals of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for Industrial Products" from RWTH Aachen University. The achievements within the certificate course are consistently marked with the Europe-wide valid instrument "European Credit Transfer Systems" (ECTS): There is the possibility of crediting these to other certified courses or even to a subsequent university course.

Certificate handover

After the Course Completion

In addition to the Fundamentals of Life Cycle Assessment certificate course, we offer a variety of other certificate courses, seminars & workshops in different subject areas - e.g. technology management, quality management, electrification & mobility as well as robotics & Industry 4.0.
We would be happy to advise you regarding your next RWTH continuing education!

Further Certificate Courses, Seminars & Workshops

Why Life Cycle Assessment at the RWTH International Academy?

  • Taking a leading role in environmental protection and thus remaining competitive in the climate policy environment requires many industrial companies to take decisive measures to reduce their environmental impact. A detailed environmental assessment is required to identify suitable activities here: "Life Cycle Assessment" offers a generally recognized and highly effective method for this purpose.
  • You will receive targeted expertise through the specific supervision of knowledgeable and consulting-experienced Life Cycle Assessment experts from the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics and Institute of Thermodynamics.
  • This is a hands-on continuing education program at one of the world's top technical universities, and you will gain knowledge at the cutting edge of technology and science.
  • You will obtain a high quality educational qualification through a RWTH Aachen qualification.


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  • the education premium
  • the educational leave
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Inhouse Possibility

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