RWTH Certificate Course – Fine Blanking

Best Practice Approaches for Toolmaking, Press and Plant Engineering and Tribology

Master fineblanking trends such as the application of environmentally friendly lubricants or agile process changes on your own. You will understand the interplay of process, tool, press, plant peripherals and tribology. Furthermore, you will be able to identify process anomalies in good time using statistical analysis (Six Sigma) or numerical methods (FEM).

Study format:
Certificate Course
4 Days
After announcement or at your company
Credit Points:
2 ECTS (50 Hrs. Workload)
Course fees:
3,200 € incl. lunch, course materials & social program, excl. overnight stay/arrival & departure
RWTH Executive Certificate

Contents of the Training

In four attendance days on the campus of RWTH Aachen University, basic knowledge is built up through technical lectures, which is then deepened through case studies, exercises in small groups, and practical application in the machine shop. On the last day of the course, participants take a written examination.

Day 1 | Introduction

Day 2 | Basics

Day 3 | Specialization

Day 4 | Exam

Develop new skills and gain industry-specific knowledge in:

  • process technology and basics of metallurgy
  • practical application on a Feintool XFT2500
  • FE simulation and modelling, tribology
  • Industry 4.0-supported process control in the machine hall

Scientific Lead & Lecturers of this Certificate Course

Vita of the Scientific Lead

Lecturers of the certificate course Fine Blanking

Teaching Institutes & Partner

The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) at RWTH Aachen University carries out both basic research and consulting projects oriented to the needs of industry, thus developing innovative, practical solutions for the successful development of companies. The goal of dealing with the entire range of production engineering issues in one house results in a broad field of work, ranging from strategic innovation, production and quality management to control, machine, production and measurement technology.

Participation Requirements & Target Group

This fineblanking training is aimed at all specialists or managers or career changers with at least one year of relevant work experience. You will benefit most if you work in the areas of:

  • fineblanking technology
  • stamping and bending technology
  • the toolmaking industry.

The number of participants is limited to 20 persons in order to ensure an efficient knowledge transfer in the dialog between the participants and lecturers is guaranteed.

Course Overview

4 Days | 3,200 € (exempted from sales tax)
incl. lunch, course materials & social program, excl. overnight stay/arrival and departure

  • Target audience: Specialists or managers or career changers with at least one year of relevant work experience
  • RWTH Executive Certificate
  • 5% Alumni Discount

Why take the Certificate Course Fine Blanking at the RWTH International Academy?

  • The high quality of the cut edge and the associated energy and resource efficiency make fine blanking highly significant for production technology. Economy and precision are the two essential features of this technology
  • In order to extend this lead over alternative technologies, fineblanking operations must serve current trends: These include higher-strength sheet materials as well as the digitalization of the value chain
  • Receive targeted expertise through the specific support of knowledgeable fineblanking experts with consulting experience from the Chair of Manufacturing Process Technology
  • This is a hands-on continuing education program at one of the world's top technical universities and you will gain state-of-the-art knowledge
  • Gain a high quality educational qualification through a RWTH Aachen qualification

RWTH Aachen Executive Certificate & Digital Badge

You will receive an officially recognized Executive Certificate "Fine Blanking" from RWTH Aachen University. The achievements can be credited to other certified courses or further studies, as they are marked with the "European Credit Transfer System" (ECTS) and contribute fundamentally to your professional development. In addition, you will receive the certificate as a verified digital badge protected and authenticated by the blockchain, which will specifically strengthen your professional portfolio through its unlimited visibility, security and flexibility.

In-house Opportunities

Our in-house training offers a wide range of academic and professional skills tailored to your company's specific challenges and goals. We work closely with you to develop a customized training, compiled from proven teaching methods and the expertise of our qualified lecturers to ensure optimal learning outcomes for your professional development.

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Funding Options

If you live/work in Germany, there are a number of government funding opportunities for your continuing education. Financial and time support is offered, for example the

  • individual federal states
    (e.g. through Bildungsscheck or QualiCheck)
  • education premium
  • educational leave
Grant application

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