Welcome M.Sc. Laboratory Animal Science 2023!

In October, we welcomed a new group of part-time master's students.

At our digital Welcome Day, we welcomed students from six different nations who will learn, train, and study together for the next two years. After a warm welcome from our scientific director PD Dr. Julia Steitz, she introduced our training facilities at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen and the detailed course structure.

Blended learning: digital webinars and attendance phases

The students attend digital webinars twice a week. Since our master's degree is a part-time program, the webinars are held after working hours.

In addition, each semester ends with a face-to-face phase, during which our students receive ten days of hands-on training.

After our presentation, each of our students introduced themselves and their different backgrounds, and we are very proud to have such a diverse and motivated group.

Since we want to create not only academic progress but also great memories, it is important to us that our students grow together as a group and become part of our big network. So days like this lay the foundation for a great study experience.

Thanks to all our students for joining us and good luck for your first semester! We are looking forward to meeting you all in person in February!