New Master's Degree Program: M.Sc. Resilient Civil Engineering!

Civil engineers of the future are creating a sustainable world.

We are very excited to announce a new addition to our portfolio of Master’s Degree programs – the M.Sc. Resilient Civil Engineering (M.Sc. RCE)! This novel master program in the field of civil engineering will be taking new students on board in the winter semester 2024/25.  

The highly practice-oriented M.Sc. RCE takes up the concept of resilience and sustainability for infrastructures and complex building systems and integrates this basic idea holistically into design, construction and planning. Future students can expect a unique fusion of civil engineering and architecture along with lectures in structural mechanics and become specialized civil engineers, trained to tackle 21st century’s progressive urbanization in combination with extreme climate conditions.

Interdisciplinary excellence: The academic structure of our M.Sc. Resilient Civil Engineering

The program is under the academic direction of the Faculty of Civil Engineering / Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics and the architecture modules are conducted by the Faculty of Architecture / Academic and Research Department for Building Design and Realization. In addition, the M.Sc. RCE also benefits from a close cooperation with the Center for Wind and Earthquake Engineering (CWE) of RWTH Aachen University, who oversees the research activities in two practical project modules that are planned in the curricular. In innovated courses such as Green Construction, students will be introduced to comprehensive sustainability concepts for a building or infrastructure project.

Future students will also learn the process of Building Information Modelling (BIM), addressing the digitalization in the construction industry. This exclusive fusion of key disciplines provides the qualification and specialization needed to exercise interdisciplinary approaches, methods and procedures in structural engineering to tackle the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s built environment.

Application for the Intake 2024 can be submitted from December 2, 2023!

Let's create the future of a sustainable world together

As our world faces increasing challenges from natural disasters and climate change, it's time for us to build smarter, more sustainable, and resilient infrastructure.

Our M.Sc. Resilient Civil Engineering program at RWTH Aachen University is your gateway to creating the future. Join our program and become an expert in designing a better, safer world.