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New IDEA League Executive Programm: Sustainability and Emerging Technologies

Changing workplace requirements and new job profiles are emerging with the use of digital technologies, that pose major challenges for companies and their employees.

Continuous further development and updating of knowledge as well as the acquisition of new competencies are of importance in order to be able to respond to the changes of a working world and society driven by knowledge and technologies. Knowledge and competencies, people's creativity and skills are crucial for the implementation of innovations and are therefore important competitive factors.

Work with innovative and world-changing concepts

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we are launching the IDEA League Executive Programm with two distinct tracks: Sustainability and Emerging Technologies. These exclusively curated tracks are created for professionals to work with innovative, world-changing concepts and learn from experts operating at the cutting edge of technological advancement.

With the help of professors from ETH Zürich, TU Delft, RWTH Aachen University, Politecnico di Milano and Chalmers University of Technology, you can gain the skills and expertise to create a sustainable business for Industry 4.0. Understand the secrets behind quantum computing and the internet. Work with AI. With robotics.

The IDEA League Executive Programm is set up as an online/offline MOOC format, giving you the opportunity to learn anywhere in the world. Each track has over 25 unique courses to choose from. Select the in-depth knowledge you need and study 3 MOOCs at the pace that suits you best. No prior technical education or training is required.

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Sign up for the paid verified track and complete your programme with our unique onsite capstone project in Italy and Switzerland or Germany and The Netherlands.

We look forward to welcoming you at the IDEA League Executive Programm!