• A successful start to the Equestrian Stable Management Certificate Program!

    International Welcome Event at CHIO Aachen

  • New Master's Degree Program: M.Sc. Resilient Civil Engineering!

    Civil engineers of the future are creating a sustainable world

  • Alumnus Abdel shares his journey as an M.Sc. MME-CAME student

    Get to know firsthand why he studied M.Sc. MME-CAME and what advice he has for future students

  • Exciting news for all prospective students

    RWTH German Engineering College as a substitute for the GRE // applies to all programs in Engineering

New Certificate Course: Chief Sustainability Manager

Continuing education created for sustainable impact – join our new Certificate Course "Chief Sustainability Manager" in Cooperation with our professional Partners INC Innovation Center and LTT RWTH! This training is aimed at sustainability managers, specialists and executives from technology-oriented companies.

Shape the transformation of sustainability

  • Understand approaches and priorities of sustainability for operations and supply chains
  • Get to know new technology drivers and solutions
  • Develop necessary skills in defined fields of action of sustainibility
  • Create a customized roadmap that economically leverages the most promising and achievable levers
  • Benefit from practice-oriented exercises and high-quality lectures

Continuing education for professionals to match any stage of your career

Our Certificate Courses for professionals are designed to be efficient and focused, typically taking only a few days, which makes them convenient for people with busy schedules. By joining our courses, you'll be part of a community with like-minded professionals who are also looking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Take this valuable networking opportunity to connect with people in your industry and build relationships.