M.Sc. Periodontology 2023 starts the first attendance phase with laboratory work and treatment techniques!

Is it already November again? Indeed – and that means for our M.Sc. Periodontology 2023: Welcome to the first face-to-face phase!

The new group of students in the part-time Master's Degree Program has been learning together digitally since the end of September. This is the first time our students have been to Aachen.

Practical insights and hands-on experiments: Content focus of the attendance phase

The first period of on-campus training provides the basics for periodontological treatment: The "Oral Microbiology" module not only covers the biological basis and causes of periodontal diseases, but our students also have the opportunity to work live in the laboratory with different bacterial strains.

In the "Periodontal Diseases" module, students work directly on the chair to practice initial treatment techniques. Our students are also supported by our industry partner Dürr Dental and their various techniques. This allows the students to try out different treatment methods and equipment – even if they do not (yet) have them in their own practice.

But what would the first attendance phase be without getting to know each other? Even if students have met through digital webinars, there is always something special about a real-life meeting. That's why a dinner is part of the program to get to know each other better.

We would like to thank our students for the (long) journey and all our lecturers and industry partners for the intensive practical days! We would also like to thank Dr. Wolff for welcoming our students with a small gift. We are looking forward to February when we will meet again here in Aachen!

Would you like to be part of a great group like the M.Sc. Periodontology 2023? Then apply for our part-time Master's Degree Program in 2024! The application portal of RWTH Aachen University opens in December.