Last call! Apply now for a part-time master's degree in medicine

Are you a graduate medical professional and ready to take your career to the next level? Our three part-time master's degree programs offer you the opportunity to continue your education in specialized areas of medicine and expand your expertise.

Discover the benefits of continuing medical education

Expertise and competence

Medicine is a constantly advancing field. Through targeted further education, you will always stay up to date with the latest research and develop into a highly qualified professional.

Career opportunities

With in-depth expertise in a specialized area of medicine, new and attractive career opportunities open up for you. You can differentiate yourself in the job market and qualify for challenging positions.

Patient care

Continuing education in medicine not only serves your personal development, but also, and more importantly, improves patient care. Your expanded knowledge will enable you to optimally address the needs of your patients.

Flexible study

Our part-time programs allow you to integrate your studies into your daily work routine. A balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises ensures a varied study experience.

Now is the time to take the next step in your medical career! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further information. You can find the contact details on the respective program pages.

Application deadline: August 31, 2023

M.Sc. Periodontology

Specialize as a dentist in periodontology and expand your skills in diagnostics and therapy for improved oral health of your patients.

3 semester | EUR 7,850 per semester | English

M.Sc. Medical Data Science

Dive into the world of medical informatics and learn how to use data analysis to improve the quality of diagnoses and therapies.

4 semester | 6.650 EUR per semester | German with modules in English

M.Sc. Laboratory Animal Science

Deepen your knowledge of the appropriate use of laboratory animals in medical research and learn how to improve the well-being of laboratory animals while obtaining scientific data at the highest level.

4 semester | 6.650 EUR per semester | English