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Innovative Roll-out: Digital Badges at RWTH International Academy

We are pleased to announce a great innovation for the year 2024: RWTH International Academy is now integrating Digital Badges into its diverse educational programs! Making professional skills and successes compact, transparent and visible worldwide. After a successful pilot phase, the Digital Badges will now be integrated into our professional programs (Certificate Courses & Seminars). In the future, we expect to offer Digital Badges upon completion of more of our educational programs.

Digital Badges – global and permanent visibility of your competences

Digital badges are an effective and innovative way to make your professional skills and achievements compact, transparent, and visible worldwide. As a participant, you will receive not only a traditional certificate in PDF format upon successful completion, but also a Digital Badge – the digital proof of your newly acquired knowledge and skills.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Global visibility: Maximize your professional milestones on social networks and websites.
  • Security and authenticity: Blockchain encryption ensures the highest level of security and external verification.

  • Enhanced career opportunities: Receive trusted certificates for advanced job opportunities and professional recognition.

The path to an attractive employer brand: Demonstrating commitment to further development

Integrating digital badges into your organization's structure can create a more attractive employer. Your company demonstrates a strong commitment to continuous employee development and recognition.

Promote the establishment of a modern and continuous learning culture by specifically recognizing the skills acquired by your employees. At the same time, this recognition serves as a powerful communication tool to the external audience, strengthening the company's image as a forward-thinking employer.

Explore our wide range of options for customized, company-specific in-house training, including a Digital Badge consisting of the logo of RWTH International Academy and the logo of the partner company.