Exploring SmartQuart – a model of sustainable living

We are delighted to share with you the outstanding experience of our Summer School Energy Performance of Buildings and Districts students during their recent visit to SmartQuart. Led by Dr. Arndt Brauckmann and Uwe Dietze, the tour took us through three incredible stops in the region.

Stop 1 | Housing-Quarter "Vinger Weg" in Kerpen

In the Rhenish lignite mining area, a pioneering project is creating an energy-optimized blueprint for new development areas. It features a citizen-oriented, energy-autonomous and digitally advanced model with an affordable, resource-conserving and regenerative energy supply system.

In the residential area in Kerpen we were able to experience the innovative energy supply concept "on the ground" with exemplary character in Germany. The focus on sustainable practices was truly inspiring!

Stop 2 | Resource Conservation Settlement Bedburg-Kaster

This stop showcased a mobility and service concept aiming for 100% green and local energy supply for up to 130 residential units. It's remarkable to witness such a commitment to renewable energy.

One example to cover the energy demand in an intelligent way: Excess energy must be easily transferred from one grid to another. So, renewable energy generated in Bedburg can be used locally, stored or transferred to other neighborhoods.

Stop 3 | Industrial Zone "Brainenergy" Park in Jülich

At our last stop, we were also able to discover the startup heartbeat NRW, led by E.ON Energy Solutions, which is dedicated to developing a concept for a decarbonized energy supply. The main goal is to showcase forward-looking energy provision concepts, digital networked solutions, and innovative business models for the prominent lighthouse project in our region.

The emphasis on collaboration and diverse perspectives from the beginning was truly remarkable.

All of these stations are part of the City Quarter Projects, an initiative to make green living a reality. The project's support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, RWTH Aachen University, Forschungszentrum Jülich, E.ON and other companies is a testament to the importance and impact of sustainable living.

During our visit, the students got an exclusive look at various phases of the projects and had the opportunity to observe the control rooms, providing valuable insights into the cutting-edge technologies being used.

In conclusion, our visit to SmartQuart left us energized and hopeful for a greener future. We would like to thank everyone involved in making this visionary project a reality. Let's continue to work together and embrace sustainable solutions to create a brighter, cleaner tomorrow!

More about SmartQuart

SmartQuart is an extraordinary real-world laboratory of energy transition, spearheading the application of innovative technologies on an industrial scale and under real conditions. Represented by renowned chairs of RWTH Aachen University, SmartQuart's core mission is to demonstrate and evaluate energy-optimized neighborhoods for a decentralized energy and heat transition.

This groundbreaking research project involves all key players in the neighborhood, from planning to users and energy supply, with an emphasis on holistic collaboration. The goal of SmartQuart is to demonstrate the possibilities of linking the energy, heating and mobility sectors within neighborhoods and neighboring neighborhoods in order to advance the energy transition.