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Community Story: Silu Che – successful qualification for our Master's Programs

Bridging the Gap: How the German Engineering College (GEC) of RWTH International Academy prepared our student Silu Che for the M.Sc. Smart Production Engineering.

From GEC to Master's Degree

"I joined the GEC program in 2021 and completed the required exams and 30 credits by the end of the year. After that, I applied for the Smart Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University and was enrolled for the winter semester of 2022.

For me, the GEC program is a great help and valuable experience for my Master's studies, not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of the way of learning."

Bridging academic gaps: GEC is a customizable distance learning program

"It is particularly beneficial for those who have taken a break from academic pursuits or come from different educational systems. Often, the study plan is organized differently in different countries, which can lead to misalignment in the application process or a difficult adaptation phase in the master's course.

In my case, I studied Mechatronics Engineering for my Bachelor's degree and would like to continue with Production Engineering for my Master's degree. By the time I applied, I'd already graduated for 2 years. When I compared it with the application requirements, I was missing some important courses from my undergraduate program.

This is where the GEC is a great help. The program consists of 5 courses that are essential for the Master. The form of the courses are live lectures and self-study. We made use of the self-study video to prepare for the live lectures and asked questions in the live sessions. We also organized study groups to help each other prepare for the exams. With the help of this program, I was able to acquire essential knowledge and skills for the Master."

Language and learning: Easier transition to the Master's program

"In addition to preparing the knowledge, it also made the transition to the Master's program easier. During the course, we as students can adapt to a different teaching style than what international students are used to and learn about the academic standards of the university.

It also allows us to adapt to teaching in English and familiarize ourselves with the exam format and terminology, which is also a common barrier for non-native speakers. In general, it is a valuable experience in my academic studies and has helped me to bridge the gap between my bachelor’s and master’s studies."

Thank you, Silu, for sharing your insightful community story. Your journey is a great example demonstrating the value of Qualification Programs and how they facilitate seamless transitions between academic pathways. We wish you all the best in your Master's Degree Program!

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