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Community Story: Enrique Orduña – from Mexico to Germany with RWTH International Academy

Enrique Orduña's journey with RWTH International Academy began in November 2022 during a talk at the campus in Toluca, Mexico. Melanie Ostfeld, Director of our Latin America Office, was invited by our partner university Tecnológico de Monterrey, to present the different opportunities for international students to study in English at RWTH International Academy.

Finding an internship in Germany

A few months later, Melanie and Enrique had a one-on-one counseling session via Zoom. Enrique enthusiastically shared his experience of completing a self-organized semester abroad at a German university and was now looking for an internship to extend his stay in Germany for another six months. His interest in smart factories and programming led him to discover the M.Sc. Smart Production Engineering program at RWTH International Academy.

The ITA Academy at RWTH Aachen University immediately struck Melanie as a perfect fit for an internship – their experts have great demonstrators and knowledge about digitalization in production. And the good news came quickly: After an interview, Enrique was hired on the spot as an intern.

Living in Aachen not only allowed me to have an internship, but also helped me to travel and get to know Germany and other countries. At ITA Academy, I was able to learn about many current issues and try out modern solutions. Showing up every day did not feel like going to work, everyone there in the company created an excellent atmosphere.

Enrique Orduña | Scholarship holder in GEC 2024

Enrique's goal: Study M.Sc. Smart Production Engineering

After the six-months internship, Enrique returned to Mexico with plans to finish his studies in Mechatronics and then apply for the M.Sc. in Smart Production Engineering. "Studying the M.Sc. Smart Production Engineering will allow me to learn how to use technologies that are needed in the industry." Enrique continues to work online for the ITA Institute and has already successfully applied for our GEC 2024 qualification program to obtain the optimal qualification to enter the Masters program.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Enrique! We look forward to continuing to accompany you in the future!

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