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    International Welcome Event at CHIO Aachen

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    RWTH German Engineering College as a substitute for the GRE // applies to all programs in Engineering

Celebrating Excellence at the Scholarship Award Ceremony – Welcome Day 2023

Your career begins with the first day of your studies!

191 students will begin their studies in one of our 7 Master’s Degree Programs this fall! 140 guests attended our Welcome Day at the Super C of RWTH Aachen University.

We are still very excited and reveling in the amazing atmosphere! We opened the event with motivational speeches by the rector of RWTH Aachen University, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bergs, Dr. Helmut Dinger, Team Leader of the Master‘s Degree Programs Celina Manzoni, Career and Relationship Manager Franziska von Meer and Student Success Managers Eva Zimmer and Alexandra Damoc.

Jan Winter inspired our new students with his keynote about the company Universal Robots! Our Alumni Abhishek Vijay (PSE 2018) and Gökçem Gökmen (RoboSys 2018) took the audience on their personal success story from the moment they were participating in their own Welcome Day in 2018 to the career they have built for themselves in the last years.

More highlights of the Welcome Day

  • We honored our scholarship holders
  • Exciting conversations at the Meet & Greet
  • Great pictures in front of our photo booth
  • Messages from the students to theirselves 2 years from today

A big thank you to all participants and everyone involved!

Scholarship Award Ceremony

At RWTH International Academy, we believe that high-quality education and intercultural experiences should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. We recently celebrated the Scholarship Award Ceremony during the Welcome Day 2023, where we recognized and honored outstanding individuals who have demonstrated excellence and dedication in the pursuit of their education.

Women in Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship was established to promote gender equality and support highly qualified female engineering students pursuing Master's Degree Programs at RWTH International Academy.

We are delighted to congratulate the following scholarship holders:

Leilei He (RoboSys), Neha Rajeev Deshpande (MME-PS), Apoorva Kulkarni (MME-CAME), Poorvi Sidhapura (RoboSys) and Dhvani Agrawal (RoboSys).

High Potential Student Grant

The High Potential Student Grant was created to enable highly qualified students to complete their Master’s Degree Program at RWTH Aachen University.

Our congratulations go out to the following scholarship holders:

Zibo Meng (SPE), Zuo Yang (RoboSys), Francisco Gonzalez Rosabal (RoboSys), Saurav Patwardhan (SPE), Rahul Layek (RoboSys), Juntian Zhang (MME-PS), Omkar Sunil Ajgaonkar (CAME), Anand Kale (CAME) and Swapnajoy Saha (RoboSys).

Engineering Network Grant

With this grant RWTH International Academy wants to strengthen our existing international partnership with universities by financially supporting suitable students to further their education and thus advance their career in the field of mechanical engineering.

We're pleased to celebrate the following scholarship recipients:

Lorena Lisseth Cruz Alvarez (RoboSys), Vaibhav Mall (CAME), Ramesh Akilandeswarri Angala Varadarajan (MME-CAME), Bhavika Chawla (RoboSys), Utkarsh Deo (RoboSys), Rajan Malewar (CAME), Jayeshri Gaikwad (CAME) and Bruno Garcia Rebonato (RoboSys).

Qualification Programs: Outstanding Performance Award

This scholarship recognizes the remarkable achievements of students who have successfully completed one of our engineering qualification programs, such as the German Engineering College in the case of this year's scholarship recipients.

We applaud the following scholarship holders:

Shenyang Huo (SPE), Rui Jin (MME-PS), Xiyu Bo (CAME), Yukun Xu (SPE), Guanwen Shao (RoboSys) and Shaoxuan Yang (RoboSys).

We are proud of all our students and their commitment to academic excellence. They represent the future in a variety of academic fields and represent the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness that we are creating at RWTH International Academy.

We are looking forward to the future success of our new students in the class of 2023 and will continue to support you on your educational journey!