Development & Qualification

With the RWTH International Academy, the RWTH Aachen University was able to create a professionally operating organisation that has tasked itself with leading the way in academic further education. These core tasks include the long term development and qualification of innovative and sustained education formats with an interdisciplinary approach. One of the core tasks lies in continuously guaranteeing the quality and equivalence of the further education degrees that is ensured in cooperation with the faculties of the RWTH Aachen and the university administration.

All further education programmes of the RWTH Aachen strictly comply with the “resolution of the Conference of German Cultural Ministers from the 10/10/2003, in the version released on 02/04/2010 on the common structural guidelines of the German federal states for the accreditation of bachelor’s and master’s degree study programmes.”

For a comprehensive quality assurance of university further education and certificate courses, a coherent procedure for the validation through certification standards in terms of quality are implemented on behalf of the RWTH Aachen.

As an efficient provider the RWTH International Academy assists and accompanies you during the development and qualification of new further education programmes all the way from the initial idea through the development, the planning, the realisation of quality requirements, to the final market launch and implementation.

If you are searching for a professional and flexible partner who will help you to realise your education idea, then contact us. We will be happy to assist you.


Debora Greis, M.A.

Business Unit Manager Development, Accreditation & Quality Assurance

Phone:+49 241 80 96656