Managing Director

Dr. Helmut Dinger
Managing Director

Staff Unit Managing Director

Tanja Lux
Executive Assistant

Christian Warnke
IT specialist for system integration

Yannik Schmitz
Trainee IT specialist for system integration

Finance & Administration

Martina Dietermann
Commercial Director

Dagmar Kaluza
Deputy Commercial Director

Josefine Sadr
Assistant to the Commercial Director

Katharina Rüdiger
Official in charge

Julia Schwickert
Financial Accountant

Full-Time Master’s Degree Programs

Dr. Helmut Dinger
Head of Full-Time Master’s Degree Programs

Alice-Cathérine Mackenstein
Team Leader Full-Time Master’s Degree Programs / Study Course Coordinator

Dr. Leah Cheung
Study Course Coordinator

Verena-Julia Thelen
Study Course Coordinator

Erik Vanderheyden
Study Course Coordinator

Caroline Schulze-Oeing
Study Course Coordinator

Despina Repa
Study Course Coordinator

Lisa Schmidtfall
Study Course Coordinator

Elisabeth Teppler
Student Counsellor

Irmhild Ventker
Student Counsellor

Lisa Portz
Project Coordinator

Dr. Michael Kubocz
Academic Tutor

Sven Lingens
Career Coach

Ayu Dewi - Student Assistant

Ayu Dewi
Student Assistant

Elizabeth Samson - Student Assistant

Elizabeth Samson
Student Assistant

Part-Time Programs

Marko Gerstenkorn
Head of Part-Time Programs

Hrista Peeva
Study Course Coordinator

Jana Drexelius
Study Course Coordinator

Leah Jansen - Student Assistant

Leah Jansen
Student Assistant

Certificate & Inhouse Programs

Jael Schröder
Head of Certificate & Inhouse Programs

Sonja Kaufmann
Program Coordinator

Kim Schönberg
Programme Coordinator

Maria Panagiotidou - Student Assistant

Maria Panagiotidou
Student Assistant

Summer and Winter Schools

Katja Walter
Head of Summer and Winter Schools

Jan Lühmann
Development Program Manager

Mareike Botzet
Operations Program Manager

Hilâl Hansen-Ampah
Program Manager

Lea Heckelsberg
Program Manager

Khalil Jebali - Student Assistant

Khalil Jebali
Student Assistant

Julia Kramer - Student Assistant

Julia Kramer
Student Assistant

Conference Office

Alexandra Gehlen
Head of Conference Office

Alina Schneiders
Event Manager

Ena Dresken
Reservation Manager

Anna-Maria Becker
International Program Manager

Julia Nadine Backhaus
Event Manager

Business School

Aline Wesner
Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Kuchenbuch
Marketing Manager

Mandy Bollinger
Study Course Coordinator

Carina Debeur
Study Course Coordinator

Anna Amft
Program Manager

Nicole Schmidt
Program Manager

Antonia Paul - Student Assistant

Antonia Paul
Student Assistant

Rafiandi Giri Kresnanto - Student Assistant

Rafiandi Giri Kresnanto
Student Assistant

Johanna Kunsmann - Student Assistant

Johanna Kunsmann
Student Assistant

Development, Accreditation & Quality Assurance

Debora Greis
Head of Development, Accreditation & Quality Assurance

Julia Greger
Team Leader Accreditation

Janina Dähne
Head of Development

Sandra Strang
Project Manager

Lisa Jakobs
Program Manager

Corporate Services

Christine Cox
Head of Corporate Services

Susanne Born
Corporate Services

Corporate Marketing

Dirk Dauven
Head of Corporate Marketing

Marcus Nailis
Creative Director

Bianca Hoepfner
Communication Designer

Laura Carl - Student Assistant

Laura Carl
Student Assistant

Berlin Office

Katja Trescher
Project Manager Funding & International Education Projects

International Representatives

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf H. Jansen Dr. h.c
International Representative Southeast Asia and India

Dr. Min Qian
Business Development Director China