M.Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering

Nationals of the European Union and "Bildungsinländer" can now apply until July 15, 2018. Apply here for the Winter Semester 2018/19! Find our step-by-step guide for your application at RWTH Aachen University here.

Robotic technology and cyber-physical systems can be applied in many different ways, such as industrial machines, automobiles, (micro)-electric industries, as well as aerospace and air transport industries. The design of robotic systems deals with various preception principles that enable the systems to recognize and analyze their environment, adapt to it and take appropriate actions to accomplish the given tasks. M.Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering (M.Sc. RoboSys) is tailored for robotic specialists and provides an outstanding education in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer sciences.

A Robotic Systems Engineering graduate is someone who...

  • Learns in specialist facilities, which includes a wide range of robotic systems: industrial robots, mobile robots, assistance robotics, and intralogistics robotic systems
  • Develops, implements and programs robotic systems for different levels of autonomy
  • Designs industrial robots that are automated, programmable, and capable to move in a dexterous workspace
  • Combines and applies technological skills of mechanics, electrical drives, sensor technology, and information processing to optimize systems of robots for different domains
  • Organizes and monitors the operation and manufacturing processes
  • Develops robotic systems for embedded production systems or autonomous warehouses (e.g. such as Amazon and Alibaba are aiming to build)

… to make a difference. Will this be you?

You can also be a part of our group of highly motivated students who are widely engaged in extracurricular activities. Our Carologistics student team, for example, is the current world champion in the RoboCup Logistics League (RCLL) for the fourth time in a row.

Program Structure

M.Sc. RoboSys comprises three semesters of lectures, exercises and practical courses in mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University. In the fourth semester, you will choose either the industrial track, in which you will pursue an internship in industry or the academic track to carry out a research project. You also have to finish your Master's thesis in this final semester.

By awarding the RWTH Aachen Master's Degree, the program gives its graduates a degree that is recognized worldwide and qualifies you for doctoral studies.

Program Objectives
Graduate Profile
Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Upcoming Events

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Study format:
M.Sc. Degree Program
2 years (4 semesters)
Credit points:
120 ECTS
Course fees:
4,900 euros per semester (from WS 19/20)
M.Sc. (RWTH)