Digital Badges – global and permanent visibility of your competences

Use the Digital Badge as an opportunity to position your professional progress and competences competencies in a compact, transparent and easily visible way in the right place worldwide. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate in PDF format and as a Digital Badge: The digital proof of your newly acquired knowledge.

Innovative certification of your competence development

Be at the forefront of your industry and take advantage of innovative certification through Digital Badges. Whether you are looking for professional recognition, further development or new career opportunities, our Digital Badge represents your individual competence development and allows you to present your unique portfolio.

The most relevant facts about our Digital Badges at a glance:

Advantages of the Digital Badge: The path to professional recognition

Strategic positioning of your certified competences

Digital representation of your professional milestones offers new opportunities and possibilities:

  • Maximum visibility: Integrate your Badge into social networks and websites
  • Flexibility and up-to-dateness: Update & expand your business portfolio quickly and effortlessly
  • Career springboard: Trusted and meaningful proof of enhanced career opportunities
Certificate handover

Immediate, unrestricted access and guaranteed security

Your certificate guarantees security, accessibility and authenticity to the outside world:

  • Global and fast: Your performance records can be accessed anytime, anywhere, easily and directly
  • Maximum security: Multiple encryption in the blockchain guarantees maximum security
  • External authenticity: Your certificate has an immutable and transparent authenticity that is easy to verify

Effective applicant selection

From the recipient's point of view, the digital record offers further benefits:

  • Recruiters can identify relevant skills and competencies of candidates at a glance
  • Easily verifiable and authentic evidence for universities, employers, contacts and clients
  • Simplifies and shortens application and accreditation processes

Attractive employer brand

The benefits of the digital badge increase the attractiveness of the entire company through integration into the corporate structure:

  • Companies signal their commitment to the development and recognition of their employees
  • Establish an innovative learning culture through the recognition of skills
  • Communicate the image of the company as a progressive employer

Digital Badge through our In-house Training

As part of our In-house Training, we develop a training program for your company that is tailored to your specific needs and delivered efficiently. This will enable you to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice. You can then add these acquired skills to your personal portfolio in a compact and transparent way through two impressive awards, consisting of the logo of RWTH International Academy and the logo of the partner company:

  • Professional Certificate
  • Digital Badge

Discover the many possibilities that our individual In-house courses in combination with the Digital Badge offer you for your career.

Steps to get your Digital Badge

In a competitive working environment, it is vital to be able to demonstrate the skills you have acquired and to document your professional development in a traceable way. Digital Badges are a powerful tool to make your skills visible in an innovative way.

A 3-day workshop, a short course lasting several weeks as part of your studies, or an on-the-job certificate course – make your individual competence development clear and meaningful to potential employers and customers!

The most important steps on the way to a Digital Badge:

Digital Badge: How to Use

After successfully completing one of our certified courses, you will receive a digital badge in addition to the traditional certificate. This will be emailed to you for downloading. You can save it to your PC, embed it in your online social profiles and combine it with other digital badges.

A newly earned Digital Badge can be shared on social platforms and included in your application documents. Each additional certification increases your employability and visibility to potential new employers.

The following tutorial will guide you through the steps from earning the Digital Badge to integrating it into your personal portfolio:

Do you have any further questions?

Our team at RWTH International Academy can help you develop the potential of your employees and your organisation. We combine the right techniques and content with proven and new teaching and learning methods as well as digital options - in a qualitative and exciting way.

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