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RWTH International Academy provides future-oriented, practical and individual continuing education. We create new perspectives for students, professionals, companies, institutes and universities. All our clients and partners from a wide range of industries are empowered to benefit from the unique resources of RWTH Aachen University – one of Europe's most renowned technical universities. We inspire people and businesses locally, nationally, and globally by providing access to high quality teaching while providing flexible full-service opportunities.

Our vision of sustainable lifelong learning at any stage of your career

The innovative and interactive learning experience is a sustainable investment of highest quality. On-site, online, blended or hybrid – our different programs are flexible and tailored to meet your needs at any stage of your career.

Promoting the integration of professional and academic education is our top priority. Practical, industry-focused while networking with experts from around the world.

We are constantly developing through analysis, feedback and innovation – as we never stop learning. Together, we fulfill our social responsibility to transfer technology and academic knowledge.

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Your success is our mission

Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their full potential through lifelong learning and continuous professional development. We strive to provide high quality, accessible, and innovative educational programs that equip our learners with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to thrive in today’s changing world.

By fostering a culture of lifelong learning, we aim to inspire personal growth, career advancement, and contribute to the overall development of individuals and communities. Together, we envision a future where education knows no boundaries, and everyone has the opportunity to continuously learn, grow, and succeed.

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Our responsibilities and values at RWTH International Academy

Our main responsibilities are the development, qualification and implementation of application-oriented educational programs. At the same time, we generate knowledge transfer for various international target groups and offer full-service support for companies and institutes of RWTH Aachen University. We constantly pursue our corporate values with a focus on growth, efficiency, mindset and culture.

RWTH piktogramm excellent teaching

Excellent teaching

We set the highest academic standards in research, teaching and innovation in collaboration with RWTH Aachen University. In addition, the unique resources of our university support creativity and an international network.

RWTH piktogramm industry focused

Practical and industry-focused

The practical exploration of industry-related topics is particularly important to us. In this way, current research is directly integrated into everyday working life.

RWTH piktogramm customer-oriented

Individual and customer-oriented

Each project or educational program is tailored to each client to guarantee strong individual success.

RWTH piktogramm personal support

Personal support

All of our participants and partners have different needs, experiences, and ambitions. That's why we work together on a very personal level to create a mutually supportive community.

RWTH International Academy is committed to implementing and continuously improving consistent minimum standards for quality processes and activities. The realization of uniform quality standards through a lived quality that is reflected in all our services creates trust and transparency.

Academy Offices – our development of international exchange and cooperation

In order to expand the exchange and cooperation between RWTH International Academy and international universities and academic groups, RWTH International Academy currently has three offices in different countries: China, India and Mexico.

Main functions include:

  • Providing a variety of study abroad counseling, especially application procedures and requirements
  • Recruitment and selection of outstanding graduate students and talents for RWTH Aachen University
  • Strengthening the promotion and cooperation between the RWTH International Academy and international universities and companies

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