RWTH International Academy

Our Mission Statement

As the official academy for further education of RWTH Aachen University, RWTH International Academy is tasked with promoting and developing the integration of professional and academic education. The goal hereby is to make knowledge accessible to further target groups through application-oriented educational formats and programmes. And, thus, to make a lasting contribution to lifelong learning.

We support and promote the professional orientation and further development of those interested in education. We do this consciously to fulfill our social responsibility of transferring technology and university knowledge as well as to fulfill the requirements and guidelines according to a certification according to AZAV, for a professional qualification and successful integration into the labor market.

Facts & Figures

RWTH International Academy is on a steady growth curve. The customised and target group specific formats and teaching methods, and, foremost, the accredited academic excellency of the continuing education concept are the key success factors of the Academy, accounting for the high market impact. Therefore, interested persons can select from a wide variety of hands-on and practice-oriented continuing education programmes of highest academic prestige.

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The Value Chain of RWTH International Academy