All-inclusive Packages

All-inclusive | Short Courses

With our all-inclusive package we provide our Short Course participants with a carefree stay in Aachen. The program fees contain:

  • Accommodation (usually 3-or 4-bed rooms)
  • Breakfast and lunch on weekdays
  • A local public transportation ticket for your time in Aachen
  • Supporting Program
  • Summer Mentor Program

All-inclusive | Master's Degree Programs

We offer an all-round carefree package for your first year in Aachen, which combines various helpful components in order to allow a smooth start to your studies. Included are:

  • Furnished accommodation for your first year
  • Tuition fee installments equal to  two semesters
  • Participation in two Master's Prep Courses
  • A pick-up service from Aachen Main Station upon your arrival
  • Exclusive social events and goodies
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All-inclusive Packages - RWTH International Academy

All-inclusive Package | Short Courses

In our Short Courses you benefit from high-value academic content and experience great social events at the same time. The all-inclusive package covers housing, catering, public transport tickets and includes personal support from our mentors during your entire stay in Aachen. Enjoy the charming historic city of Aachen at top-ranked RWTH Aachen University and network with German companies and organizations as well as renowned professors.

Benefits & Highlights

  • Carefree stay in Aachen
  • Accommodation and catering included
  • Personal support from local mentors
  • Insight into the history and student life in Aachen
  • Travel the city of Aachen for free

Housing, Catering & Transportation

Housing: For the duration of your Summer or Winter School you will be staying at one of Aachen's boarding houses or in a student accommodation on campus. Housing is included in the program fees.

Housing Details

Catering: Breakfast and lunch as well as snacks during selected events are included in the program fees. For more details, please read the information below.

Catering Details

Transportation: All Summer and Winter School students receive a public transportation ticket on their arrival day. This allows you to easily travel to and from your lectures. With this ticket you can explore the city of Aachen by bus and even visit the neighboring city Vaals (The Netherlands).

Supporting Program

During our Short Courses, which take place on campus, you not only expand your academic knowledge, but also benefit from our broad supporting program! Get in touch with excellent science and research through our institute, lab and company visits. Expand your network with international students, professors and industry partners, be part of a global community and meet friends from all over the world.

Included in the program fees for each specific program are:

  • Institute, lab and company visits
  • Meet-ups with international students, professors and industry partners
  • Networking with German companies and organizations
  • City trips in Germany and Europe
  • Social events and excursions

Summer Mentor Program

All our Summer School programs have their own Summer Mentors, who will help our participants to get to know Aachen from a true student’s perspective. The mentors, who are typically students enrolled at RWTH Aachen University, guide you through the academic and cultural practices in Germany and are part of our social events.

Summer Mentor Details

International Academy App

Already before your arrival you will be able to log in to our exclusive RWTH International Academy App, which will provide you with essential information about the program content and the organizational details of your stay in Aachen, e.g. who is the speaking professor, how to connect to the internet and where to get the best coffee. Finally, you will have the chance to chat with the other participants, your Summer Mentors and the Short Term Programs Team.

Your Emergency Contact

The Short Term Programs Team offers an emergency phone service. You can get in touch with us anytime during your stay and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. The number will be provided to the students just before the start of the program.
In case of medical problems, our team will be there to arrange a doctor visit and accompany you there. With your international health insurance, you will receive excellent medical treatment in Germany. To prevent incidents, students will receive all relevant information about the situation in Germany and an introduction to adequate behavior upon their arrival.

Aachen is a very welcoming and diverse city, it was very easy to feel like home living for a month in such a beautiful place. I had an amazing experience meeting people from different countries and cultures during the Summer Course and studying in RWTH was a great way to get to know more about Germany, it´s opportunities and traditions. I would definitely recommend the program to everyone, because you can meet amazing people, learn a lot and find out about opportunities for your future as an engineering.

Lara Tannus, Brazil

Your Personal Contact

Lena Wehrle
Junior Event Manager

All-inclusive Package | Master's Degree Programs

It is a brave decision to study an advanced and complex M.Sc. degree program in a foreign country far away. At RWTH International Academy we understand the challenges upon arrival and therefore not only provide a crucial support system during your studies, but also offer you an all-round carefree package for your first year in Aachen.


  • Furnished accommodation for your first year
  • Tuition fee installments equal to two semesters
  • Participation in two Master's Prep Courses
  • Pick-up service from Aachen Main Station upon your arrival
  • Exclusive social events and goodies
Aachen Cathedral
Aachen city fish market

Housing Information

The offer of furnished accommodation by RWTH International Academy allows you to enjoy a smooth start in Aachen and to focus on your M.Sc. degree program from the very beginning of your studies. The features of our All-inclusive Master housing component are:

  • Private single room apartment
  • Fully furnished sleeping and studying area with a kitchenette
  • Lease term of one year
  • Safe, comfortable and modern
  • Located within the city center within walking distance to the main campus

Join our digital Master's Prep Courses

Our Master's Prep Courses provide excellent preparation for your upcoming studies. A Master’s degree program at RWTH Aachen University requires a very advanced and specialized level of technical knowledge. The courses provide you with important underlying expertise and get you on track!

  • Two Master’s Prep Courses included
  • Excellent preparation for your future studies at RWTH
  • Get in contact with academic staff early
  • Choose from Mechanics III, Machine Design II or
    Mathematics III

Requirements and Availability

The requirement for registration is admission to at least one of the following M.Sc. degree programs:

  • M.Sc. Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Production Systems
  • M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Structural Engineering and Risk Management of Industrial Facilities
  • M.Sc. Networked Production Engineering
  • M.Sc. Robotic Systems Engineering
  • M.Sc. Textile Engineering

Program Fees and Registration Deadline

  • Registration deadline: May 15, 2021
  • Regular Fees: 19,000 €
  • Early Bird Fees: 18,000 € (for fully completed applications until January 15, 2021)

Your Personal Contact

Alina Keßler
+49 241 80-96655