Academic certificate courses leading to the official certificate of the RWTH Aachen University undergo a comprehensive quality assurance process:

Stage 1
Stage 2

After the certificate course has been evaluated both technically and in regard to its content, the new RWTH certificates can be awarded following the course. Moreover, the certificate course may now yield the RWTH Aachen’s seal of quality for academic further education.

The RWTH Aachen University’s certificate features the following information and characteristics:

  • Course title
  • Name of the scientific director and the main lecturer
  • Participant’s name
  • Credit points
  • Qualification level
  • Number of certificate and water mark
  • Confirmation of the passed examination and grade
  • ECTS grading scale
  • Grade based on the ECTS grading scale (if required)

After the Academic Certificate a certificate supplement is provided:

  • Module description and contents
  • Detailed description of educational objectives in terms of competences

For further quality assurance we recommend certification by an independent external certification body (ASIIN Consult, FIBAA Consult) or by an independent inter-trade or professional organisation.

 Through certification, the attainability of the defined requirements, of the defined educational goals, and of the pursued profile of qualification in regard to the deployed resources is confirmed.

The academic certificate courses of the RWTH Aachen University are compatible with a variety of living circumstances and individual education and career goals. Therefore, they can accommodate various educational biographies in the context of life long learning.

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