General Overview

Accreditation is a special measure to ensure and control quality of academics and content. It aims to secure quality in teaching and studies by appraising minimum standards for bachelor’s and master’s programmes that were agreed on in the course of the Bologna Process by 47 European countries.

As a result of the Bologna Process and the concurrent change from the old “Diplom” and “Magister” course structure to the Bachelor’s and Master’s system, the implementation of a uniform process of accreditation was stipulated at the German Rector’s Conference (HRK) in 1998. Accordingly, the Conference of the German Ministers of Education (KMK) decreed to introduce accreditation for the new, consecutive study programmes. The accreditation of the programmes results in a functional distinction between the state-licenced programme and its quality assurance through external accreditation agencies.

In 1999 the KMK released specifications for the procedure of accreditation for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, and the Foundation for the Accreditation of Study Programmes in Germany (Deutscher Akkreditierungsrat) was established to monitor and regulate the process of accreditation for the KMK and the HRK. At the same time, a number of agencies for accreditation evolved which vary in terms of their academic profile and methods of evaluation.

In order to fulfil the principles and terms of quality in accordance with the specifications stated in the Universities Act of North Rhine Westphalia, the common structural guidelines of the Länder for the accreditation of Bachelor's and Master's study courses (2010), and of the RWTH Aachen University, continuing quality assurance is recognised as a key objective.

Regulations for the Execution of Accreditation Processes
Accreditation Agencies in Germany

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