Short Courses at RWTH International Academy

Broaden your horizon and get in touch with German engineering

Experience international academic content, boost your career and have fun at the same time! Our various courses are highly interactive and will contain a lot of intensive teamwork. As a participant you develop practical ideas together with renowned professors, get to know German industry and expand your skills with hands-on case studies. During all programs you will gain insights into student life at RWTH and get to know the charming historic old town of Aachen.

RWTH Summer Schools & Winter Schools

  • Study abroad: 2, 3 or 4 weeks
  • Conditions: B.Sc./B.E. student, min. age 18 years
  • Teaching: On campus
  • Including: Supporting program & all-inclusive package
  • Qualification: Certificate from RWTH Aachen University
  • Language: English

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  • Online RWTH Business School

RWTH Summer School student group

More Short Course opportunities

We offer individually planned and organized programs for closed groups of students especially designed for our partners.

Each program can be customized according to your requirements and may include academic as well as social events, e.g. company visit, institute visit, intercultural workshop and city excursion.

If we have sparked your interest in a group program, we are looking forward to receiving your inquiry and getting to know you!

RWTH Short Courses students

How we make our Short Courses special

With our all-inclusive package we provide our participants a carefree stay in the charming historic city of Aachen. The program fees of each on-campus program contain for example:

  • Accommodation (usually 3-or 4-bed rooms)
  • Breakfast and lunch on weekdays
  • A local public transportation ticket
  • Broad supporting program, company and institute visits
  • Personal support from local mentors

  • More about our all-inclusive package

Why should you choose one of our Short Courses in Germany?

Taking one of our Short Courses is the perfect way to expand you professional skills, learn about German culture, industry and travel around Europe! As a participant you develop practical ideas together with renowned professors, get to know future workplaces in Germany and expand your skills with hands-on case studies.

To support the academic content of each program, we include expert talks, institute visits, lab tours and the chance to network with German companies and organizations. During the programs the participants will gain insights into the student life and get to know the charming historic old town of Aachen. We've come up with creative ways to include this supporting program - not only in our on-campus Summer Schools, but also in the Online Courses.

Upgrade your skills for your professional career

RWTH Aachen University is top-ranked and one of Europe’s leading science and research institutions. You benefit from high-value academic content and excellent lectures. Our state-of-the-art classes provide hands-on approaches to technical issues, no matter if the class takes place on campus in Aachen or if you develop ideas and solve exercises at home via video lectures. Upon successful completion of a Short Course, you will receive a RWTH certificate stating your final grade and official ECTS points.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time:

It really was a lovely time in Aachen. The beautiful memories will stay with me forever. Friends, beer, strangers with tender smiles, Robots, classes, group work for hand-on projects.

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