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It is a brave decision to study abroad in a foreign country. We understand the challenges upon arrival and therefore provide our participants a fully organized stay in the charming historic city of Aachen. You don‘t have to worry about finding a well-located room since we organize your accommodation, local transportation and catering in advance. All you need to take care of is your flight, insurance and visa. We are happy to support you regarding these topics via email.

What is included when you come to Aachen?

The program fees of each Short Course on campus contain:

  • Accommodation (in a hostel or student dorm)
  • Breakfast and lunch on weekdays
  • A local transportation ticket
  • Broad supporting program
  • Personal help by local mentors
  • Emergency contact
  • Certificate from RWTH Aachen University
Service center of RWTH Aachen

Relax in a comfy bed during your stay

For the duration of your Summer or Winter School you will be staying in a student accommodation on campus. Housing is included in the program fees.

All accommodations are located close to the city center and allow an easy and convenient transportation within Aachen as well as to neighboring cities. Since all participants of each individual program will be staying at the same accommodation, you will get to know your classmates better by living in an environment that is similar to the dorms offered by the university.

Detailed information regarding your accommodation will be provided after admission.

Housing Elisabethstraße

It's all about great food!

From Monday to Friday, breakfast and lunch are included in the program fees. The type of lunch depends on the daily schedule.

During day trips or social events lunch packages are distributed. On lecture days we provide lunch at the RWTH student restaurant. A student restaurant card will be handed out to you on the first day.

Participants have to provide their own meals on weekends and in the evening on weekdays. A personal budget for individual needs is advised, so that you can enjoy the local delicacies in Aachen's cafés and restaurants.

Summer School Barbeque

Travel flexibly with your transportation ticket

Most students in Aachen ride bicycles, scooters or take the bus. The distances to the individual buildings on our campus at RWTH Aachen University are very short. Sometimes even walking is the fastest way to get around.

All our students receive a public transportation ticket on their arrival day. This allows you to easily get to your lectures. Furthermore, with this ticket you can explore the city of Aachen by bus and even visit the neighboring city Vaals (The Netherlands).

Plus, for all group city trips, company or institute visits, we rent our own bus to get there together!

RWTH students Aachen city

Aachen is a very welcoming and diverse city, it was very easy to feel like home living for a month in such a beautiful place. I had an amazing experience meeting people from different countries and cultures during the Summer Course and studying in RWTH was a great way to get to know more about Germany, it´s opportunities and traditions. I would definitely recommend the program to everyone, because you can meet amazing people, learn a lot and find out about opportunities for your future as an engineering.

Lara Tannus, Brazil

We support your preparations of insurance, visa and travels

Once you have successfully registered for your program, we will provide you step-by-step with all the information you need to prepare your stay. Here are already some insights about what awaits you.

  • Since health and liability insurances are mandatory in Germany, to take part in our programs you need to prove sufficient protection to us. We recommend a full-coverage package called “PROVISIT-VISUM” from Dr. Walter, which can be booked for the exact duration of your stay.
  • You will find the right visa for a short trip to Germany/Europe on the Federal Foreign Office's website or the German embassy in your home country. Since it sometimes takes a few weeks to get an appointment and then your visa, make sure you take care of it early enough.
  • Aachen is good to reach from all over the world. Look up suiting connections and plan your arrival at Aachen central station. We will be happy to welcome you at your destination and assist you whenever you are unsure.

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