RWTH Seminar Vehicle Acoustics - Noise, Vibration, Harshness

Targeted Design of the Vibration and Acoustics Behavior of Vehicles

Acquire a special understanding of vehicle-specific acoustic mechanisms and acquire the knowledge to implement the appropriate remedial measures for existing problems.

Study format:
3 Days
After announcement/on request
Course fees:
1,680 € incl. lunch, course documents & accompanying program, excl. accommodation / arrival & departure
RWTH Certificate of Attendance

You will learn:

  • Comprehensive and holistic understanding of the entire vehicle system
  • Vehicle-specific acoustic effect mechanisms and remedies for existing problems
  • Practical transfer of knowledge with numerous application examples
  • Applying the learned knowledge in your own case study

Contents of the Training

In three days of attendance on the campus of RWTH Aachen University, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of automotive acoustics, which will be built up through expert lectures. It is deepened by illuminating the industry perspective and working on your own case study.





Introduction & expectations

  • Fundamentals of Vehicle Acoustics
  • Introduction to sound sound field and sound energy parameters
  • Definition of sound levels
  • Human perception of air-borne and structure-borne noise

Measuring Equipment

  • Overview of sensors and PC-based measurement systems for data acqusition and signal analysis
  • Measurement rooms like anechoic chamber, reverberation room and aero-acoustic wind tunnel


  • Prevailing regulations (interior and exterior noise)
  • Noise measurement procedures and mandatory noise limitse


  • Characterisation of sound sources: engine, transmission, shafts and
  • Electro and hybrid powertrains: new acoustic challenges


  • Transfer of vibrations (powertrain, tyres, air flow) and radiation into the
    veh. interior
  • Analysis of noise sources and transfer (experimental and simulation methods)
  • Measures for reduction of interior noise Psychoacoustics
  • Psychoacoustic indices
  • Measuring techniques and subjective rating methods
  • Sound engineering


  • Tyre/road noise (generation mechanisms, measurement procedures and reduction measures)
  • Brake systems (generation mechanisms, measurement procedures, reduction measures and noise phenomena)

Case Study

  • Task: Interior noise phenomenon (powertrain exited) to be reduced
  • Measurements (road/ bench tests)
  • Root cause analysis (systems approach)
  • Reduction measure

Participation Requirements and Target Group

  • This Vehicle Acoustics training course is aimed at engineers or technicians in the automotive and supplier industry.
  • You will benefit most if you have at least one year of relevant professional experience

Course Completion

The seminar does not include an exam and concludes with an official RWTH certificate of attendance.


Certificate handover

After the Course Completion

We offer a variety of other certificate courses, seminars & workshops in different subject areas - e.g. technology management, quality management, electrification & mobility as well as robotics & Industry 4.0.

Further Certificate Courses, Seminars & Workshops

Why Vehicle Acoustics at the RWTH International Academy?

  • Acoustics is of central importance in the development of vehicles in order to achieve high quality standards. The areas of noise, vibration and harshness are essential elements in the targeted design of vibration and acoustic behavior.
  • You will receive targeted expertise through specific support from a knowledgeable expert with consulting experience from the Institute for Automotive ika.
  • It is a practical advanced training at one of the world's best technical universities and you will acquire knowledge at the cutting edge of technology
  • You will receive a high quality certificate of attendance from RWTH Aachen University


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Funding Opportunities

If you live/work in Germany, there are some opportunities for government funding of your continuing education. Financial and time support is offered, for example

  • the individual federal states (e.g. through Bildungsscheck or QualiCheck)
  • the education premium
  • the educational leave
Grant application

Inhouse Possibility

The course, or parts of it, would also be interesting for your entire team/your company? Then applies: our team for your team! We would be happy to advise you on the possibility of an inhouse course. Give us a call or write to us - we will tailor your further training to suit your needs!

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