Master's College Physics

Prepare yourself in the most fitting way for studying the M.Sc. degree program in Physics at one of Germany’s most renowned Universities, by participating in the Master's College Physics!

Registration Deadlines:
March 30, 2023 (Summer Semester)
May 30, 2023 (Winter Semester)

Study format:
Master's College
Admission to M.Sc. Physics at RWTH Aachen University
Credit Points:
Course fees:
3,000 to 4,500 € (depending on selected module)

Discover your advantages

As a participant you will...

  • refresh and deepen your knowledge in our Bridging Courses
  • fulfill academic requirements at the beginning of your studies
  • get accustomed to RWTH Aachen University’s learning and teaching standard
  • profit from academic support throughout your Master’s degree
  • benefit from academic as well as social mentoring
  • improve your German language skills in sponsored courses
  • enjoy excursions and build a strong social community

Bridging Courses

As a fundamental part of our Master's College Physics to support international students, we are offer the English-taught Bridging Courses Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics. You can clear academic requirements among a group of other international students with these course before your Master’s degree program in Physics starts. Enjoy a head start to your studies and benefit from all-round support.

Quantum Mechanics

Statistical Physics

Online Preparation EdDiMaC

The bridging courses prepared me to be able to pass the exam of my admission requirements and also introduced me to the learning and studying process here at RWTH. It is an additional benefit for international students to get acquainted to the German education system.

Student feedback


Our support throughout your whole studies

We are happy to help you every step of your way in all administrative matters. It is our experience that students of the Master’s College greatly benefit from our intensive support leading to an enhanced performance at RWTH Aachen University. We will help you tackle various organizational problems that you may face prior and during your studies. It is important to us to ensure a wholesome and successful experience during your studies and to accompany you until graduation!

In addition and as an exclusive service to our participants, we are offering Physics-related excursions, e.g. to Europe's biggest radiotelescope and to the Jülich Research Center which is a cooperator of RWTH in many research projects.

Academic and Social Mentoring

Students of the Master’s College continue to benefit from close support after having passed the bridging courses' exams. During the regular meetings, your academic mentor instructs you, monitors your progress throughout the M.Sc. Physics program and provides support as needed. In particular, you and your mentor together define an individualized course structure that, while ensuring top-class specialized education, also takes into consideration your specific talents and expectations. Additionally, you will be matched with a professor of the Physics Department, depending on your study track. Together, you can shape your studies and align them with the career path you seek.

The Fellow Student Mentoring program pairs you with a participant from the previous year to help you navigate your first days in Aachen and find your way around the new campus environment.

M.Sc. Physics at RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University’s highly renowned M.Sc. Physics degree program is ranked as 36th globally by QS World University Ranking. The two-year program is designed for international students and is conducted entirely in English. Students can choose from different tracks following their own interests. With a fundamental focus on research, students will be involved in a specific field of research ahead of the master's thesis. Get to know more details here.

Application deadlines:

  • Summer Semester: September 01 (Non-EU) | January 15 (EU)
  • Winter Semester: March 01 (Non-EU) | July 15 (EU)

The M.Sc.Physics program is a publicly funded education program and is therefore free of charge.

Application Information

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Admission Requirements

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Can I join the bridging courses from home?

Will the course grades appear on my transcript?

Why did I receive academic requirements?

Application Information

Program Fee:

  • Module I - Complete package - 4,500 €
  • Module II - Quantum Mechanics only - 3,300 €
  • Module III - Statistical Physics only - 3,000 €

Application deadlines:

  • Summer Semester Intake: March 30
  • Winter Semester Intake: May 30

To take part in the Master's College Physics, an admission to the M.Sc. Physics program at RWTH Aachen University is required. Find more information about the academic content and structure of M.Sc. Physics at RWTH Aachen University in the section above.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with information about the program.

Alina Keßler

Souphaphone Phanpaseuth, Intake und Academy Offices, RWTH International Academy

Souphaphone Phanpaseuth

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Alina Keßler

Souphaphone Phanpaseuth, Intake und Academy Offices, RWTH International Academy

Souphaphone Phanpaseuth